Best iPhone Apps For Fashion Addicts


In this fast growing world everybody is crazy to look unique from the rush. Every person wants to attract others towards him/ her. Call it a habit of carving for limelight or to looking better than other, but fashion is something you can not completely ignore. Moreover, fashion has always been indirectly related to the person’s intelligence. It often reflects persoon’s personality. The craze is found to be at the peak of graph in the youngsters. If you are addicted to fashion and are always looking for someone to give you tips to enhance your look, then your search ends right here, right now. No need to ask any person about the fashion tips as your iPhone can do the task for you. There are many apps which can help you in your fashion. Here is an ultimate list of best iPhone apps for fashion addicts.


Best Fashion Apps for iPhone




Whether you are male or female, deserves to be on your iPhone to fulfil all your fashion needs. You can get the tips from other fashion addicts and can enhance your look. Confused about which accessory to use? Use this app to get accessory related tips from other users of the app. You can upload the photos of accessories with you and can start the poll to select the best one, that will suit you the most.
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2. Glam Mobile

Nothing can be well dressed as compared to the celebrities and stars. Glam mobile app allows you to stay updated with the latest fashion trend among your favorite celebrities. You can browse the’s photos collection of celebrities dressed in different beautiful dresses. You can check that what are accessories that your favorite star is wearing and what are the best accessories and dress up to wear at the party events.
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3. StyleTag

StyleTag allows you to stay updated with the latest fashion trend by getting fashion updates on your iPhone. You can upload your favorite fashion accessories with others to help them. You can share your fashion tips with others and can tips from them. You can also subscribe to your favorite brands to get the latest fashion related updates from them.
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4. Stylebook

Stylebook converts your iPhone into a fashion magazine. You can get tips from fashion addicts coming from the different parts of world. The best thing that I like about the app is its magazine style. You can create magazine of your own outfits. This app comes with the calendar feature that allows you to add pictures of your outfits that you wear on a particular day or event.
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5. Cloth

Learn the real sense of wearing clothes according to the occasion by using this superb app on your iPhone. This app gives your real lifestyle tips and to let you attract others with your look. Try different outfits and save photos, tag them with brands and categorize into appropriate categories for easy search. You can also share your favorite outfits with your friends on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. within the app itself.
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In this fast running world, a person should be attractive to be social with all. No look, no friends. That’s the trend going on nowadays. Use these apps on your iPhone to attract others and to be ahead in the queue of smart people.