5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Strong Logos


There are plenty of reasons why you should spend some time thinking about the logo of your business. The logos that you use for your small company will add your brand image. It is something that customers will think of when they hear or see news of your brand. As such your logos need to be strong. You want them to stand out on the market, dazzle customers and destroy your competition. Here are some of the best reasons for spending a little extra time on your logos.

Your Company Will Be Different

Most small businesses have poor quality logos or logos that are bland and boring. Therefore, with a little extra time spent on the design, you can make your logos really stand out from the crowd. You can even use a professional logo designer to create them for you. Most small businesses won’t bother with this because they’ll be trying to cut costs. You should go the extra mile and guarantee your business looks smart and professional.

Customers Remember Visual Info More

What’s more important, the logo or the name? Hint, it’s the logo, and there’s a scientific reason why this is the case. We’re not just basing this idea on market research. People find it easier to remember an image than a word. Perhaps this is because an image presents a clear idea where as a word can be abstract. Therefore, if you want to build up your brand, you do need to consider the logo. It needs be something customers can latch onto and associate with your company.

Check Air Cargo Eye’s amazing visual logo, below. It perfectly resembles the meaning and purpose of the company.


Big Companies Have Strong Logos, You Should Too

Think about the biggest companies on the market. We’re talking about businesses like Apple, Disney, Nike and Starbucks. All these companies exist in different industries whether it be fashion, film or technology. All have one factor in common. They have logos that you instantly think of when you hear the name. This is brand recognition and it’s something that you can establish for your business with a memorable logo.

Keeping Customers Loyal & Portraying Trust

Finally, you might think you can keep customers loyal with products that are high quality. Unfortunately, in business, it’s not how things are but often how they appear. If a new competitor enters the market and looks incredible with clever, stylish designs, they might win your customers. This won’t happen if your company still looks new and exciting, after a few years on the market. You can achieve this with some great, strong logo designs. Trust is also vital. There’s a reason why organisations like the National Trust use green in their logo, it helps convey a trustful aura.

national trust

You Need It To Attract New Customers

Your business might be offering a great product or service to customers. That’s fantastic, and the only problem is without a strong logo, you’ll never have a chance to show this. When you’re trying to attract new customers to your business, they’ll have no prior knowledge of your company. At this point, first impressions matter more than anything else. They will look at your logos and decide whether it look stylish or professional. Essentially, the design of your logo will help customers make snap judgments about your business.