5 Necessities to Keep Your Employees Motivated & Happy : By Saumya Bhatnagar


A motivated and happy workforce can make a significant difference when it comes to meeting any business objective. Stress is inversely proportional to productivity, an increase in stress usually results in a loss of motivation. According to research, 18% of the current American workforce is completely disengaged, and 52% of it works without enthusiasm or motivation. Therefore, if you wish to boost your business and create a positive environment at your workplace, it is vital to keep your staff satisfied and motivated.

Here are a few things that you could do:

  1. Individual Attention

Teamwork has been a crucial element of my business’s growth, and my employees perform wonderfully as a team, however, I feel that nothing can beat individual attention when it comes to personal motivation. Even a survey from ProOpinion proves that personalized care from employers keeps their employees happy and motivated.

If an employee puts their best effort in, I make it a point to let them know that they have performed well and are valued.

Even if you have a vast sea of employees in your company, I advise you to take the time to speak to each one individually. Not only does it make employees feel valued and appreciated but also boosts positive behavior amongst them. When any of our employees feel overwhelmed due to a particular task, I encourage them to have one-on-one’s with me, so as to voice their concerns.

  1. Opportunities for Growth

Employees usually feel exhausted when their job is repetitive. Working too long in the same position is symbolic of stagnancy and may demotivate even your most ambitious and optimistic employees.

According to Forbes, a lack of progress at work is one of the primary causes of workplace demotivation.

I make sure my employees have ample opportunities for growth. From time to time, promotions and new training opportunities are offered to them. For example, since communication is one of the core aspects of any business, you can book a public speaking workshop online to make sure communication is always on-point.It encourages  extreme effects towards the positive side on the overall productivity of the company.

  1. Set the Example

As a leader within your company, employees rely on you to set an example.

When you set the right example, it leaves a positive effect on the mentality of your employees.

For instance, if you work hard and stay positive even when you are being encountered with enormous challenges, your group will be likely to do the same.

If your organization has a large number of employees, convey this idea to all your project leaders and managers who work individually over others.

  1. Socialization

Most people prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have communication outside of a work environment. Being friendly with co-workers helps you knock out boredom and make an organic team effort. According to Total Wellness, work relationships are vital for the well being of employees.

I always prompt my team-members to socialize with one another more. We also organize team-based events such as group activities, group lunches, outside gatherings, and more.

  1. Promote Transparency At Your Workplace

Being a leader, you can play a significant role in shaping your workplace environment. When you create an atmosphere of transparency and speak candidly about your business to your employees, they feel comfortable turning to you regarding anything that’s on their minds.

A study reveals that company transparency is a vital factor in determining workplace happiness. So, do everything possible to inculcate transparency within your workplace.

You can start with “Open Door Policy” to open new lines of communication at your workplace.

If as a small company, you can’t afford to hand out regular bonuses, these tips can help you keep your employees happy, motivated, and ultimately productive.

This Article written By Saumya , the CTO and Co-founder of InvolveSoft, a workplace community. Before starting InvolveSoft, Saumya co-founded a startup.