5 Excellent eCommerce Shopping Cart WordPress Plugins


In simple way if you want to describe WordPress then it’s a content management system used for any website created. Joomla is the system behaves like WordPress but it’s not as flexible as WordPress. Working with WordPress is much easier than Joomla and because of flexibility it gives various tools to work with it.

Wordpress plugins are the best medium to customize your WordPress site with ease and without lots of efforts. Some area of use of WP plugins includes -the latest updated feedback can be generated using WordPress plugin. It’s also used as prevention tool to prevent from unsolicited mail. Users use to set up WordPress blog pages for sharing the social stories. Customers of WordPress promote hyperlinks or advertise products which are affiliate. You can say it’s an equipment for customize the websites indifferent way by providing add-on facilities on it.


WP plugins for shopping cart

If you are about to launch your e-commerce website then you must be aware of WordPress plugins for shopping cart. Today, we are featuring top 5 WordPress plugins for helping you out in setting up your own shopping cart for your e-commerce website.


1. E-commerce Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin is an elegant which is easy to use shopping carts having all features. These shopping carts let you include selling products, providing various services and provide facility of paying online. This WordPress is a web 2.0 application which is designed having usability and presentation facility. This is the most powerful and unique WordPress plugin.
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E-commerce Plug-in for WordPress


2. Quick shop Plugin for WordPress

It is the plugin which supports WordPress having sidebar widgets installed in it. The sidebar widget is used to represent the users position that what is there exactly now in user’s cart. It allow user to remove the items from the cart. It is having feature of TinyMCE button.
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Quick shop Plug-in for WordPress


3. Live shopping Plugin for WordPress

This widget gives you chance to display all connected live shopping offers linked within your blog of WordPress in one single widget. It is easy to add widget and customizing its designing according to yours choice but the design should be inside the boundaries of this plug inn’s presentation options.
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Live shopping Plugin for WordPress


4. YAK shopping cart Plugin for WordPress

YAK is a shopping cart plug in WordPress which is linked with products on website. Here the posted can be used for product code. The option screen provided over here is used to customize the settings inside shopping cart. In WordPress content management there are three main screens .it includes displaying and fulfilling orders, doing product management and at last representing and managing basic sales reports.
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YAK shopping cart Plugin for WordPress


5. PayPal Donations

It allows users to bind up with PayPal donation button using one tag. This one is the best if you are doing charity and want to collect more support in monetary terms.
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PayPal Donations


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