Unusual Gadgets: Observe the Future


Technology always moves ahead in the future to bring some more helpful and surprisingly well objects. By observing results from the vale of the past, it astonishes human being by its concept of the future. These technology objects are called Gadgets or Gizmos. Gadgets are created to enable some improved features to the normal appliances or objects for conducting special task or making normal life high-tech. Sometimes gadgets play major roles to make you distinct from the masses; by using these gadgets not only you feel differently but get some useful information too.


Gadgets are created to make your work simpler and stylish, but not all the time. Sometimes a gadget might be useful for you but it can impair someone else life. So you should be careful by choosing these gadgets. Following are some cool and multipurpose gadgets which are intended to make your life stylish and faster. Be careful to try these because these may be little bit dear for your pocket to handle.



1. Celsius X VI II LeDIX Tourbillon

If you think a mobile phone is for only making calls, texting, taking pictures or sharing videos then make a step further and see Celsius LeDIX mobile phone. This is the most expensive mobile phone exist on the earth (according to the company). The most prominent feature of this mobile phone is its mechanical Watch which gives it a cool look. It is made of Grade 5 Titanium with lots of polish which give it slick look.
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2. Touchscreen Guitar

This is for all who have passion for music and want to be a real rock star. This Guitar comes with a touch screen panel at the bottom of the guitar. The most prominent feature of this guitar is, it produces sound like traditional guitar unlike electronic guitars. So adopt the technology without compromising your traditional likings.
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3. Olive 06HD

If you want to store large collection of CDs or your music files then Olive 06HD could be a better choice. It comes with 10.1 Inch touch display and the iOS app from Olive, it can store up to 6000 CDs or up to 20K HD songs, it includes Wireless-N Ethernet support. But it will cost you a lot than a normal storage.
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Olive 06 HD Camera

4. VIO POV HD Camera

Great Camera to capture your precious moments in HD quality, with stunning 1080P format it is the most valuable and worth pricing Camera ever. V.I.O. POV.HD provides stable footage, minimizing camera shake and vibration. It films through a 142º lens when filming in true 1080p, but the field of view drops to a significantly narrower 95º lens when you swap down to 720p.
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vio pov hd camera

5. Laser Guided Scissor

This is Idol for who are novices in cutting papers and fabric in straight way. A laser will guide you to cut a paper or cloth in a straight line. Very cool and handy stuff for house moms it is.
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