4 Tips for Choosing the Right Location for your Roller Banner

roller banner

You can use roller banners and banner stands practically anywhere. The versatility of a roll up banner is one of the reasons why they are so popular. Whether you use a pull up banner at an event or a roll up banner inside your shop, these banners are designed to make a positive impact. Consider the following ideas when you are considering where exactly to display your banner for best effect.roller banner

  • Will Your Customers See it?

It sounds obvious, yes, but will your audience actually be able to see your banner in the location you are considering? There is no point in designing a roll up banner for inside your store and then hiding it away in the place where no one goes. You need to consider footfall and how many people walk past the location of the banner. When positioning a roller banner make sure that it is in a place where pedestrians will pass by. Moving the banner slightly to a better position helps a lot – you get more people taking notice of the banner when you put it in an obvious place.

  • Placing Banners at the Entrance

Roll up banners have a great effect when they draw people in – whether that is at the front of a store, at the door to a meeting room, or the edge of an event stand. Use the banner from a supplier like http://www.rollerbannersuk.com as the entryway into your company – literally and figuratively. You could also place a roll up banner in the entry to a section of products in your store that you want to draw attention to. By making the banner prominent you take people inside and have a better chance of converting them into customers or clients. If you want to use a banner outside a store or event, make sure that it is strong enough and able to withstand the elements. You don’t want it blowing away or getting knocked down by passers-by.

  • How to Use Banners at a Trade Show

Banner printing is effective for trade shows. You can make a big impact while using a banner that can be conveniently transported from your company to the show and back again. When you are using a pop up banner at a show, make sure it can be clearly seen but that it is not blocking access to your stand. If you are using banners don’t block the main name of your company or any eye-catching display that you have designed. And be careful that pop up banners are not in anyone’s way.

  • Don’t Hide a Banner

Be aware that the design and the images are only as good as the positioning of the banner, so pay careful attention to where you locate it. Take a look at the area where you hope to display the banner and choose the size of banner based on how much space you have available and which angles will be best for viewing the banner.

Image courtesy:xedos4/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net