4 Great Ideas for Updating Your Website


One of the imperatives of the online world that one constantly hears about is the need to regularly update your website. Today’s online audience is surprisingly fickle, and will abandon websites that don’t change often enough to hold their interest. No one should let more than a week go by without adding something new to their site, and ideally one should come as close as practical to posting every day.  But where will all that new content come from?


Here are four great ideas for updating your website:


1. Images

web images

One of the fastest and easiest ways to update your site is by adding pictures. In every business, there are always things going on to share with your online audience through photographs. Taking pictures of activities relating to your business is a wonderful way to personalize your company in the eyes of your website visitors. Customers like to see the inside of the business, the people who work there and the things your company is involved with in the community. Pictures don’t usually require a lot of explanatory text, which makes photography a fast, easy way to update your site.


2. Change Your Fonts

Web typography

Changing the fonts on your website is something that will instantly transform the appearance of your site. It is not a substantive change because the content of your site remains the same. Yet, when you are in a pinch for a quick makeover of your site, a simple font change can make your website look surprisingly fresh. However, be careful not to choose a font that will make your site more difficult to read, as that would be self-defeating.


3. Respond

blog comments

When people come to your site and leave comments, take the time to respond with a personal comment of your own, even if the original comment didn’t ask for a reply. This tells your visitors that you read their comments, but it also encourages more commenting by that person and others. This is how you build the kind of personal rapport with your customer base that will keep them coming back.


4. Professional Guidance

web design

One option to ensure your website never becomes just an electronic business card is to hire a firm that specializes in website design and development.  Professionals can guide you toward finding prospective new forms of content or even create it for you.  Learn more about Network Solutions Services and how they can help you keep your website both interesting and current.