3 Trustworthy Brands To Take Note Of


What will make a customer chose your brand over your competitors? While quality of product, customer service and price are strong factors that determine this decision, it’s important to start at the foundation — does your audience trust your brand? Without trust, consumers will most likely question your businesses capabilities and go in a different direction.

Interestingly in 2015, the Trust Barometer conducted by PR company, Edelman, found that the presence of trusted institutions globally had fallen to an all-time low. Now is the time to reinstate this trust. Let’s take a look at a few companies that have managed to build a reliable reputation over the years, and see if any lessons can be learned.

1. Toyota

Founded in 1937, Toyota has spend eighty years building a brand centered around reliability and the trust of its consumers. Whether it’s safety, performance, warranty or variety of cars, the company’s success lies in its ability to respond to its customers needs. By making small cars, midsize cars, four-wheel drives and trucks, they display a sense of expertise in the industry, which in turn, shows consumers that they are leaders in car-making. Even in response to environmental concerns, Toyota was one of the first to respond with its popular Prius model that has dominated the roads since its inception. It’s no surprise that the brand is the second highest selling automaker in 2016, selling over 10.2 million vehicles.

2. T-Mobile

With its bright pink, large-font logo clearly setting it apart, T-Mobile has worked hard to stand out of the crowd, and win over the trust of its audience. Competition in the telecommunication industry can be tough, but T-Mobile has built a reputation around constantly learning from the past, and creating new and convenient plans that suit the changing needs of individuals and families. Whether it’s a $45 a month plan that has unlimited talk, text and 4GB of 4G internet, or $160 for four lines that cover the whole family, customers appreciate when brands give them exactly what they’ve been asking for. In this digital era, T-Mobile has also won over trust by adjusting to various changes; they offer deals on smartphones, tablet plans and even free Netflix.

3. Amazon

Amazon has been a one-of-a-kind brand that has overcome any obstacles to win over customer loyalty — they have become one of the most trusted brands despite the lack of any face-to-face contact. According to a study done by The Values Institute, Amazon is considered America’s most trusted brand, and received it’s highest score in the ‘Joy’ category. As such, it can be deduced that Amazon’s trustworthiness has been a result of its impeccable customer service and ability to deliver their consumer what they want in a timely manner, in order to always keep them satisfied. The company embodies the idea that if a customer walks away with a smile, then the chances of them believing in your brand and returning are much higher.

For a brand, trustworthiness is a huge contributor to customer acquisition, consumer loyalty and overall profitability of the company. Try and take a look at brands that have won over the trust of their audiences in the past to see if you can emulate some of their practices and present your brand as honest and reliable.