13 Benefits of Cloud Storage

cloud storage
  • Convenience

Most services that offer cloud storage can be accessed from both Macs and PCs. These services provide folders that can be place on a user’s desktop. This makes it easy for users to quickly drag files from their computer storage to the cloud storage.

  • Accessibility

Cloud storage can be accessed anywhere, from any device as long as you have a connection to the Internet.

  • Cost efficient

Many businesses have reduced their operating costs thanks to cloud storage. While some cloud storage services do have a fee, it is still less than what it would cost to buy and maintain enough devices to store the data locally. There are companies, such as dataperk.com, that help businesses use cloud storage as efficiently as possible.

cloud storage

  • Communication

Instead of emailing someone a file and using your own bandwidth to upload that file to the email, you can simply send another person a link to the file’s location on cloud storage.

  • Backup

Manually backing up information to a separate disk is falling out of fashion in favor of storing important files on the cloud. Not only does it save you the money to buy any new devices, but the information stored on cloud storage will never be accidentally lost.

  • Syncing

Cloud storage is the first form of backup that will sync all your devices together. Anything that you save on your computer will automatically be transferred to cloud storage, and it will then be available on any of your other devices such as a mobile phone.

  • Automation

Normally, you would have to manually copy files over to another device in order to back information up.  Cloud storage backs up information regularly and automatically in the background, which means the user has to do almost nothing to make a backup.

  • Space

Since the backup is done on the internet, physical space that would have been taken up by the backup devices is now freed leading to less clutter.

  • Environmentally beneficial

Thanks to backups now being done through cloud storage, less external storage units need to be produced. This lowers the amount of waste produced by creating these storage units, which in turn leads to less pollution. Cloud storage forms a part of green computing and is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Security

Cloud storage is more secure than storing information on the device itself. Cloud storage is more secure because the date is heavily encrypted, making it impossible for third parties to access it.

  • Sharing

Cloud storage is an easier way to share large files quickly and easily than any other method that was available in the past.

  • Collaboration

Cloud storage makes it easy for more than one person to work on a single document. All changes made will be seen immediately and projects can get done much faster.

  • Endless space

There is no need to ever worry about running out of storage space when you use cloud storage.