10 Ways Social Media Can Boost SEO


Increasingly, business owners are using social media to drive their marketing campaigns and attract more customers. Your website is your gateway to the world and to potential customers. By using this technology, you can build a relationship with your customers and view information about your product on your very own wall or maybe in your news source, much like email lists and catalog mails.

Social media allows customers to interact with you by asking questions and making comments. This promotes a personal relationship that promotes customer retention and repeats sales when done by an Digital marketing company correctly. There are SEO service companies that can help you on how to go about the Social Media SEO to boost your business brand visibility out there.

If you are working on SEO for your website, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising) are terms that probably speak to you already. One is to optimize its SEO in a natural way on the search engines and the second in a paying way (via targeted advertising like AdWords).

A third notion is added to constitute the SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which includes all the levers to improve its visibility and SEO on the net, and this notion is the SMO. The SMO or Social Media Optimization is to improve the visibility and reputation of a company through a social media strategy.

What are the goals of an SMO strategy, what are the rules to optimize it?

You can set up two main techniques for Social Media Optimization:

Actions on your website with sharing icons or links to your pages on social networks!

Actions outside the site, directly on social networks, participate in discussions, curation of content!

There Are 10 Ways To Optimize This Strategy On Social Networks:

Number #1. Create Content That Is Shared

Your content must be of quality and interesting for the greatest number or for defined targets. Your content must be created in order to be shared later via social networks. It must be original content since you don’t want any issues with the search engine such as Google if you can create one look for an expert to get it done for you.

Number #2. Simplify Sharing

Your audience, if they want to share your content, must be able to do it quickly and easily. Share buttons must be made available and, why not, clicks to tweet during articles. On social networks, to each of your posts, sharing is accessible directly (retweet, share), it must be done manually on your website.

Number #3. Reward The Commitment

Conversation and engagement have become important issues for retailers. Commitment to your brand is all actions (shares, retweets, comments) that users make from the content you posted. You have to reward it, with a personalized message for example. This encourages them to do it again and qualifies your audience.

Number #4. Promote Your Content In A Pro-Active Way

This includes producing content on different media. Create slides to create content on SlideShare, videos for YouTube, even for a subject, it is interesting to decline on different media to broadcast on multiple platforms.

You must also be proactive in the broadcast: plan early enough to share your content and determine the most interesting schedules for their distribution according to social networks.

Number #5. Be A Resource For Internet Users

Do not wait for immediate feedback on your content. Concentrate on bringing quality content that will be a source of information for users. Even if your links lead to competition, you will win over the long term because you will meet the needs of your users: you will become a source of.

Number #6. Encourage Users To Reference Your Content.

Your content needs to be optimized for social networks so that users can resume your content and not just share it. They must be able to add their voice, their opinion, their personal touch. You become a source, not just of information, but of inspiration.

Number #7. Participate In Conversations

Participate in discussions about topics related to your expertise or where you can contribute something relevant. Remember, on social networks, nothing is ever one way. By participating in conversations, you not only increase your visibility but also your credibility.

Those who have seen you or spoken with you will also talk about you and you will enjoy a greater awareness that will allow you to spread your messages on a larger scale.

Number #8. Get Your SMO Strategy Into The Co-Authoring Process

Social networks are favorite places to create especially to co-create. One-way branding (the content you distribute to a greater number) is becoming increasingly obsolete in the face of the growing User. Regularly engage your users around a theme or idea and think together about design, an image, an article, a video, etc.

Number #9. Focus On Your Brand

Your company, your brand or what you represent has an image, an attitude, and values. Social networks and your SMO strategy need to consolidate and spread them. It is important to keep cross-channel consistency foolproof.

Number #10. Use Social Media Logins

The use of logins in social networks is becoming increasingly popular. If visitors are allowed to use these applications, no new credentials need to be entered to post a comment or share a page. This facilitates the marketing process of word of mouth and encourages it at the same time. It also allows a more personalized interaction and lower maintenance costs.

The online business climate has changed significantly today. However, traditional marketing principles still exist: you want to build your brand well, expand your potential customer base and attract more traffic to your website. All of this can be achieved by using social media as part of your marketing strategy.


Social media evolves very quickly; you must keep abreast of these developments, new products, tools, and ways of doing things. Including in your SMO strategy to be innovative will allow you to stay up-to-date and sometimes even be a precursor to certain practices.

In addition to an SEO and SEA strategy, the SMO allows you to have a successful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. Social networks alone are not enough to optimize your SEO but they help and they allow you to gain visibility and visitors.