15 HTML5 and CSS3 Experiments Incredible Enough for Brainchild

Posted by Amit Tripathi | On | December 16, 2011 | Filed under Design

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As being future web programming technologies, HTML5 and CSS3 bring the momentum among the web developers. In the result, we see more beautiful and eye catching websites, animations and faster user experience. Every time we get excited with something new and ravishing demos, each seems to explore exciting never seen before avenues, and all push CSS boundaries further away. Many front-end designers are already having a play around with some of the new and exciting CSS3 features. While lots of the current spec can, and should, be used now, many of the super-cool features are reliant on modern and up-to-date browsers.


Proper use of animation in CSS technique’s always been a challenge for web developers, most effectible thing is the compatibility of these animation with the web browsers. The animation technology should be mass user according, and then it will be served in true sense. Of course there is nothing to stop anyone using progressive enhancement to spice up their websites with a sprinkling of nifty CSS3 magic. The good news is that CSS transforms are already a firm fixture in current Webkit browsers, with Firefox 4+ (and hopefully IE9) adding support in the not too distant future.


The most noticeable feature of HTML5 and CSS3 Animation is, it doesn’t require any third party plugins or tools like flash, JavaScript etc. to run, but you need a proper browser like Google Chrome, Safari 4+, Firefox 4+ and probably IE9. Okay, no more talk now; following are the 15 mind blowing experiments and demos created in HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Surely these will be great brainchild for many web designers out there or may be a sign to adopt these technologies as soon as possible to fix a place among good web developers into near future.





Bon Bon Buttons

Demo | More Information


Monster Cursor



3D Home

Demo | More Information


iOS Icons

Demo | More Information


Digital Clock




Demo | More Information


i Twitty the Fool



Solar System

Demo | More Information


CSS3 Zoom

Demo | More Information


iPhone Helix

Demo | More Information


Mac OSX Finder



Social Media Icons

Demo | More Information


iPhone 3GS

Demo | More Information


Morphing Cubes



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  1. By Bill Ray
    Twitter: billraydrums
    - December 16, 2011

    Awesome stuff! Firefox 8.0.1 chokes on a few of them (digital clock, Apple icons) but very nicely done!

  2. By Jake
    Twitter: developdotcom
    - January 26, 2013

    It really is amazing what can be achieved through html5 and css3.. some interesting examples you have here.. Thanks for the great post.

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