X, The New Goto WordPress Theme


WordPress has millions of users worldwide and so if you are using this platform for your blog or website then it is very necessary that your design should be unique and different from others to stand out from the crowd.


Theme.co can help you with this. They have recently launched a brand new theme named X. Though it is a single theme it has some options which allow you to convert this single theme into any kind of design you want.
Below I discuss some of its important features.


x wordpress theme

Built by expert advice

Who will not want a theme which is built by the world’s experts? Theme.co went to some leading experts in the industry and consulted them on how to build a quality WordPress theme. Then they applied their advice in two ways.
One – As and when it was possible they implemented that advice into building the theme. This means they wrote the code of the theme according to the advice they received.
Two – Some experts provided their advice in the form of videos or other instructional material. Theme.co has all that data in store and is provided to people when they purchase the theme X.



Theme X comes with the option to have many, unique, individual portfolio pages so you can create different designs. You will get almost limitless options.

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Live Customizer

X theme has a built in Live Customizer. This Customizer lets you see all changes in preview mode without affecting the live design of your website. This feature will save you the hassle of not refreshing the page again and again to see the changes you have made. This Customizer keeps the theme free of “code boat” because it does not include an additional admin panel. This simply means that Theme.co is using native features which are maintained and updated by the core WordPress team which brings you with the latest and best features WordPress has.



The X theme is built in such a fashion that it has many designs built in within the main design. These sub designs are called Stacks. In fact even these Stacks can be tweaked and customized and can be converted into whatever look and feel you want with just a few clicks. While you are still given control over many details like nav placement and content layout; changing a Stack will completely change the look and feel of your X theme.
Presently theme X has three Stacks built inside it – Integrity, Renew and Icon.
Integrity can be used for multi purpose designs. Renew uses only flat elements without any gradients or shadows. Icon is clean, minimal, and modern and comes with some exciting features like a second sidebar. Since all these Stacks are built inside the theme, purchasing X theme will grant you access to all these three stacks.
For more features of theme X go here.
Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.