Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows Review, Best Tool to Edit & Burn


All of you must have tried a DVD burner for your videos or movie to burn into a DVD but the most irritating thing about these software and tools are their speed and working interface to understand. I was also suffering from this type of problem so I decided to check a new burning tool which is better than others. And at the end I got a best DVD Creator or burning tool which is awesome and perfect for my videos. I can bet that you will love this software by Wondershare and will use it permanently for your videos and DVD’s.
Wondershare DVD Creator is a Free and Paid version by Wondershare and gives lots of features to edit and burn videos. You will get amaze by its free features and it takes very less time to burn a DVD. You should download the free version of Wondershare DVD Creator first and check all its free and easy to use features. You can directly Download it from the link here and install it to your Windows PC.
Installation of the tool is very easy after downloading it. You will get it installed in few seconds with very few clicks and it also takes very less memory of your hard disk. So moving forward, let me explain some best features and advantages of the tool.



First of all I like the Wondershare DVD creator tool interface which is very easy to understand and use. Here are simple and large tabs which show source, menu, preview and burn and the name specifies everything about the use of each tab.


Wondershare DVD Creator Review

2). Adding Files

By importing the required media into the DVD Creator Dashboard, the videos will be able to burn into DVD. And it’s also easy to edit a video through it. The tool have many features in its Video edit mode like enhancing Trimming and adding watermark to your videos and also adding subtitle into any video or slideshow. The editing options of Wondershare are also so easy and give a variety of options to edit any video or media file.


3). Editing Videos

The tool have a unique feature to zoom any part of running video by simple clicks and mouse work as shown below. It will give a close zoom in video part of any video.


Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows

You can also rotate and flip your vides by simple clicks on its video editing Dashboard. It has lots of other features also which you can check by using it. The Wondershare Video editor gives full permission to edit the brightness contrast and volume of any video or slideshow. The best thing I got in it is adding the Subtitles of the video or image can easily be done through simply adding the file of your subtitles. It’s very easy to add a subtitle file in the software.


4). Menu templates

In free version it gives 5 free templates for DVD Menu which is easy to edit and also customizable you can edit your Menu Background or song easily through it. Also the Wondershare is keep giving updates to the Menu templates at their official site. And many new Templates are keep coming on their official site from where the Menu template scan easily be downloaded and use.
If you can create self Template then it also gives full editing tools to create your own Menu Templates for your media files.
The preview mode of the tool is also very good and gives a full DVD player features like play pause, forward and backward options so that the user can check the video first before burning it in the preview section of the tool.


Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows

5). Burning process

The best part of the tool is the time it takes only few minutes to burn any media files into CD or DVD. You can edit the data burning process and also create ISO file of your media files through it. The ISO file can be easily burn to DVD or CD after sometime. The tool also gives permission to change the screen radio or TV Mode settings (Pal or NTSC)
There is an option button at the right top corner which gives full access of the setting of the tool.
At the end I will say that it is a best tool to edit or burn videos or media files in a DVD. The media files will be sending to the DVD without any problem and will be able to play in a DVD player. The Wondershare Video editor also has many features and consequences which are elaborated below.

Wondershare DVD Creator for Windows

Pros and Cons about Wondershare DVD Creator

• The software gives free video editor which is very easy to use.
• Easily sets the contrast and brightness of video any time.
• There are total 40+ Menu templates for the users of it and also gives free templates on its official site every week.
• Top speed of burning in high quality.
• Free tool to edit sound in the video.
• Create high quality Video files.
• Don’t lowers the quality of video while burning
• Set the aspect ratio to 16:9 or 4:3
• Gives permission to edit the volume of any video.
• Gives free Real time preview of the edited video.


The Tool also has some consequences like:

• The tool has less menu templates.
• Most of the features are available in paid version
So if you really need a DVD Creator or you are very usual to create DV’s for any work then, I will recommend this Wondershare DVD Creator because in free or [aid in both the versions the software is awesome and gives clear and nice videos. There is no need to learn about anything regarding the software because everything and tool is very easy to use and understand. The tool is also available for Mac users PC. The paid version is also easy to use and have lots of features included new and best in paid version.