Wondering What Is Salesforce? Find Out Here!


Wondering What Is Salesforce?Find Out Here!

 In case you have been asking what is Salesforce, then here is what you need to know about this company. Salesforce is a company with its headquarters in San Francisco, and it offers cloud-computing solutions in a global scale. It is well known for its intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) product. Salesforce CRM product is made up of different services including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter, Work.com, and Force.com. The company specializes in cloud computing and has been in the front line in offering social enterprise software-as-a-service solutions.

What is Salesforce trying to do? It has expanded its wings into commercial applications involving social networking through acquisition. The company provides a pay-as-you-go service consisting of business software applications over the internet. Through SalesCloud, Salesforce provides its core customer relationship management solution to its clients. This product allows businesses to have an instant connection to their sales team.

It also allows businesses to have a great visibility into their contacts, leads, accounts, and activities. Businesses have the ability to drive their sales revenues from different places at any time. Investing in servers and data centers can be a costly venture for businesses. Salesforce takes the challenge to help businesses reduce the cost of IT infrastructures such as networks, Disaster recovery, Data management, and load balancing.

It manages the infrastructure allowing businesses to concentrate on core issues of their IT development and sales growth. Once a business signs up with the company, it is ready to put more focus on closing deals or delivering quality services to its customers and not bother with IT infrastructure.

What Is Salesforce useful for?

A majority of businesses have lagged behind in utilizing the benefits offered by cloud computing because they lack the financial resource to invest in the infrastructure. However, Salesforce takes this hurdle away and now businesses can take advantage of the cloud technology without investing massively on the infrastructure.

SalesCloud manages things like contact information, and allows easy integration of social media while also ensuring real time customer collaboration with its Chatter service. The Service Cloud features a call center-like instrument for tracking as well as a social networking plug-in that helps in conversion and analytics.

Marketing Cloud, on the other hand, offers a social media monitoring feature as well as marketing application, the Radian. Force.com is the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product for the company that allows professionals like software developers to be able to create add-on applications for Salesforce. There is also a social human resource performance management platform provided by the company through Work.com.

What’s more, Salesforce created AppExchange. Salesforce offers consultancy services, deployment, as well as training services to its clients. As of 2015, this company is regarded as one of the largest cloud computing companies in America, and has a marketing capitalization clocking $40 billion. It is also listed in the New York’s Stock Exchange.

Salesforce CRM is the flagship product for the company. It is a high customizable CRM product that attracts great features such as Opportunity Forecasting, Web to Lead, Weeding out duplicate leads, Google Apps Integration, and Email and Campaign management. These out-of-the-box features come alongside the standard CRM features such as Contact, Lead, Account, and Opportunity Management.

Therefore, if you have been trying to figure out what is Salesforce, it’s a company that offers a multi-tenant environment for each business. Different businesses can have an environment that suits their individual needs with the help of Salesforce.