Why Printer Ink is so Expensive and How to Spend Less on Printing


Why Printer Ink is so Expensive and How to Spend Less on Printing

Those who use printers would tell you that printer ink is an expensive liquid. Inkjet printers on the other hand are very cheap. Sometimes the company will sell those printers at a loss, but you will come to pay more when you start buying their cartridges. Printer ink is very expensive because companies sell printers at a very low price.

Honestly, most printer companies want to make money, but they want you to buy a printer first and sell their official cartridges later at a very high cost. Companies don’t want you to use inexpensive unofficial ink cartridges. This is why they build microchips into their cartridges making it difficult for you to use their official ink cartridges. However, there are ways on how you can save a lot or spend less on printer ink.

6 Ways to Save Money on Printing

Purchase XL Cartridges: if you bought official ink printer, you should be aware that official ink is very expensive. You need to avoid the high cost of ink by buying XL cartridges. Most people make the mistake of buying the smallest size ink cartridges which are usually the least expensive. These ink cartridges will only last for a short period of time. It is always good to buy in bulk. You’re only required to add a little money and buy the large ink cartridge.

Always buy refilled cartridges: Printer companies would not like it when you buy refilled cartridges from third party, but it is very economical. Printer companies will always sell printers at high prices. Third-party dealers like 4inkjets.com sell refilled cartridges at a reasonable price. Buhelo has the latest offers and for 4inkjets.com. A number of tests have been done on the effectiveness of refurbished inks, and the consensus is that they work.

Use laser printers: unlike ink printers, laser printers use toner. If you usually print a lot of white and black documents, it is a good idea, cheaper and economical to use a laser printer.

Refilling your own cartridges: refilling your own cartridges is very economical. For you to refill your own cartridges, you need to buy your own kits. If your cartridges contain a microchip, this would not be a nice idea as the printer may refuse to use the refilled cartridge. Always refill cartridges that do not contain microchip.

Don’t use printers with Tri-color cartridges: if you are printing colored documents, you need to buy a printer that has the colors in separate tanks. If your printer features a color cartridge that contains all 3 colors(green, blue, and red) together and you happen to consume mainly one of the 3 colors, you’d be required to throw away all your cartridges and buy new ones once the color you use the most has finished. If your printer has separate color cartridges, you will only be required to replace the red cartridge.

Ignore low-cartridge warnings: Most inkjet printers feature air-raid sirens that warn you about the impending ink outages. Always ignore these warnings as they can appear when cartridges are 40% full. Learn to check your cartridges because a siren/warning can mislead you and end up buying an ink when you already have enough.

When you are buying a printer such as the HP Photosmart, then always compare the prices of official ink cartridges, such as the HP Photosmart Ink b110 cartridges. A cheap printer is always expensive in the long run. You can use the above tips to save money on printing.