Why Do Companies Need a Dedicated Cloud Storage Solution?


I.T. is at the heart of many businesses. It enables them to communicate with their customers, makes it easier to record sales and other relevant data and gives them a new platform for selling their services and products. File storage is essential, but some firms believe that all it involves is using a server or relying on disk space on their computers.



In the cloud

Until recently, anyone who wanted to store files would have to rely on either their own computer or a device such as an external hard drive or a file server. All those have finite space, plus sharing files with these devices is difficult. Fortunately, cloud storage has come to the rescue of companies worried about not having flexibility or space for important documents.


More secure than you think

How cloud storage works is anyone with an account can store their files in the ‘cloud’, a secure online location which can be accessed with most internet-capable devices. Although impressive, some feel that cloud storage isn’t as secure as it should be.
If you’re interested in using it, you should look for the following features:



  • Secure login – this will help to minimise the risk of your account being hacked into and will restrict access only to those with permission to access it.

  • Transmission security – this will make any file transfers completely safe from being intercepted.

  • Network security – when logged into a network in the office or at home, this protects your account plus all the files stored there.

  • Privacy – data encryption should be at the highest possible level for those who don’t have access to an account. Meanwhile, anything you enter won’t be seen by anyone else.


The future of file storage?


Cloud storage is something an increasing number of businesses are turning to as they seek alternatives to more traditional file storage methods. Cloud storage firm Egnyte have attracted new customers because of their service. One entrepreneur spoke of how he found what he was looking for after being disappointed by rival firms.