What’s in Store for Mobile Tech This Year


Mobile technology is ever evolving and each year some feature or application is helping to elevate this medium. In 2018, technology for mobile applications will take this platform in a new direction. The following material will highlight some of the biggest changes to mobile science. It will also cover how these changes will be implemented and how this technology will impact lives.

5G NR is Being Prepared for Launch in 2019

The year 2018 is huge in terms of mobile technology because of one reason: 5G NR. The 5G network is the continuation of the 3G and 4G spectrum. 5G NR will represent the fastest connection possible for mobile technology. This particular frequency will be extremely fast and efficient. It is expected to be 100 times faster than the current 4LTE speed that is now dominating the data streaming field. 5G NR stands for 5G New Radio and it is going to change the direction of the mobile tech industry. You can definitely sell old mobile and get a 5G NR powered device. It will improve streaming, gaming and data transmission activities.

Businesses are Going to Make more Applications to Reach Customers

Businesses are now making applications that will provide people greater access to their products and services. Major retailers already have apps for this purpose. They know that mobile technology users will want to access their store through apps and not only on the internet. Many small businesses will start to follow suit and create their own personalized applications for their enterprise. Apps are a smart thing to do in a world where people frequently use these software program. Applications help businesses to connect further with consumers and to look more professional.

Large Bezels for Smartphones and Tablets

Large bezels for smartphones and tablets will be a major selling point for mobile devices in 2018. Smartphone and tablet manufacturers are now able to produce mobile products with larger screens and improved viewing technology. Larger screens will be the norm because they are now cheaper to implement into modern mobile units. This will be a selling point on many different types of devices. Consumers will probably sell old mobile for larger bezel screen sizes.

Processors will no Longer be a Factor for Phones

Processors constantly evolve. They are now become irrelevant as a selling point for mobile devices. The reason being is that most smartphones and tablets have a robust processor speed operating them. This simply means that users will not have to worry if their units have enough speed to handle apps, play games or handle other operations that they perform on their mobile devices.

Smartphone Manufacturers are now Copying the Worst of iPhone Features

Consumers can expect manufacturers to copy or imitate certain iPhone features. Many mobile tech manufacturers are copying iPhone features that are not important selling factors. Companies that are doing this are basically copying the iPhones features to improve their own brand. At the very least they are trying to mimic the iPhone for consumers who might not be able to afford the technology. Hopefully, mobile tech companies will copy the best features of Apple as opposed to its worst.

Notches and Screen Sizes

The worst iPhone features such as the notch is now becoming a mobile device standard. In 2018 mobile companies are producing more devices with notch features. A notch is a section of a mobile device screen that has been intentionally blackened out. Notches are typically placed at the top of a display and many phone developers are now copying this style. This particular trend is getting mixed results from people. Some people enjoy them while others think they are cutting out too much of the screen.

Mobile Devices without Headphone Jacks

Many mobile device manufacturers are now making their phones without headphone jacks. This trend is very annoying for people who like to privately listen to content. However, more mobile developers are moving in this direction. The whole point of this move is to get mobile device users to start wearing Bluetooth headphones. Keep in mind that phones without earbud jacks could also have lighting jacks. A lightning jack connects a person’s earbuds through the unit’s charging port. They will then be able to listen to their audio and media content without a problem.