What Makes online Texting a Hot Favorite?


The internet is home to a lot of unique applications and websites that offer something valuable to ‘Us as Users’. Recently, the trend of texting for free via the internet has seen a surge in terms of the overall number of people using the services. But, the question remains “What is it that makes it so enticing?” although I am sure you will find a lot of blogs talking about ‘the services being free and the likes’ but, I am going to take a slightly different approach and tell you 2 of the simplest reasons why people use these online services.


So, “Shall I begin…?”


Online Texting


Not Everyone Uses a Smartphone

Even though smartphones have definitely emerged as the ‘in thing’ and you can use applications like Whatsapp, GoChat or Line to chat in real-time with your friends; still you need to realize that not everyone owns one. Sure, if you live in a country where you have a high standard of living, make a decent amount of money; chances are, you definitely own a smartphone—I have one too!


What about the people who don’t really have the luxury of enjoying the modern standard of living? That is where websites that offer free online texting come into play. See the thing is, that networks charge you for every single SMS that you send to your friends; but online websites are mostly free. Therefore, people who don’t own a smartphone find it convenient to send texts this way; thereby cutting down on their mobile bills significantly.


Look at the computer keyboard

Now this one fact applies to both smartphone owners and people who don’t own a smartphone alike—“The computer keyboard is simply amazingly big compared to the QWERTY keyboard or the size of the touchscreen on your mobile.” And often at times, we end up with some kind of pain in our fingers if we were to constantly text all day; whereas, when it comes to a computer keyboard, we tend to be able to type all day long—“I am sure not many of you thought that way, but it’s true isn’t it?”


Even though smartphones have become much affordable and the overall costs associated with owning a cellphone have gone down; still, there has been a steady rise in the number of online texting websites that are popping up all over the web. Although, I am sure that soon enough a lot more people will make the switch to smartphones; but, till then– online texting will remain in vogue!