Photography has covered a lot of distance from what it used to be a decade before and what it is now. There even were days when a person clicking a simplest picture was considered as photographer. A person clicking the photos of family on a family trip was called as photographer just because he liked doing that. From there to today, photography has evolved a lot. It has covered a distance from being a hobby to being the career of many. There are various people who have turned their hobby into their job since with this they get to earn money and also at the same time get full satisfaction.


In order to earn through photos, a lot talent is required. There are various websites on World Wide Web which collect photos in exchange of appreciable amount of money depending upon the quality of your photos and what you charge. But photography needs to meet their standards and requirements as well. You need to submit your photograph to the concerned websites and they after review generate the payment. Due to this procedure, some photographers are reluctant to approach them.

You can discover various websites on World Wide Web which collect the photos and claim to provide you with the money in exchange, but not all websites tend to do so. Some of them merely accept the photos and don’t provide anything in return simply because they don’t have that good reputation in marketplace and they can’t generate revenue with them. If you are also a budding photographer and looking forward to make some money online with photography, you should have access to the top websites which buy images or photos.

Alternatively, if you are thinking to launch your own website and are in search of some original images with copyrights, you can take the help of World Wide Web. There are various websites present which fulfill this purpose quite well. Making your task a little bit easier, here we have provided you the list of top 5 websites to buy images or photos for your website.

  • Snapvillage

Snapvillage is a microstock website which offers a unique collection of images and photos. The website is being developed by Corbis. The interface is user friendly one with easy and smooth buying and selling of illustrations and pictures. The charges offered by the website are quiet reasonable and affordable. As a photographer, you can upload as many images as you want. They are then reviewed by the snapvillage team and the selected pictures are then allowed to be purchased by their potential customers, thus, generating revenue for you. In addition, you are also given the opportunity to set your own prices.

  • iStockphoto

iStockphoto is the largest photos marketplace on world wide web. They are known for providing the best quality audio, video and images. Whenever a work is been sold, user gets toe ran 20% of the based royalty rate. In addition, websites also offers you other ways to earn by doing work especially for their website.

  • Stockxpert

Stockxpert is also another photography website. It provides 50% royalty to its users whenever a thing is been sold. In addition, website also has the facility to pay photographers in their own currency. The charges offered by the website are reasonable and thus is popular amongst webmasters who are searching for photographs as well.

  • Fotolia

Fotolia allows the legal buying and selling of the photos in marketplace through their website. The users are given the royalty ranging from 30% to 60% depending upon the rank and work of the photographer.

  • Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a website specifically designed for photographers. It is a largest pool of images. It allows the magazine editors, web designers to buy images from this huge pool in return of their monthly subscription.  750 images can be downloaded within that time and for each download photographer tends to get 25 cents. Once your account crosses the threshold of 5090$, the commission then goes up to 30 cents per download.

Photography is in huge demand today. You just need to find out the right marketplace for your work and right website which can provide you with what you deserve. There are some websites which charge more from the customers but provide less to you. You should have an idea of the market regarding the cost of your work. This would prevent your exploitation and would also serve as a good source of extra income.