Top 5 Ideas for Printable Summer DIY Crafts


Printable craft activities are a great option for anyone who is watching their budget. There are several options available for those who aren’t naturally crafty, and others which take dedication and a steady hand. Printers are used for so much more than just standard printing and replacing your dell toner. They have become quite popular lately, and all you usually need to get started with DIY crafts is a printer, some tape or glue, and an idea.


To help you get started, the following list of crafts has been compiled. They’re fun for the young, (or young at heart), and will be sure to brighten up any cloudy day. Enjoy, and let them inspire you!


Top 5 Ideas for Printable Summer DIY Crafts


5) Paper Jewelry

Sure everyone likes the finer things in life, but jewelry is a little hard to customize without a sizable investment. Paper jewelry allows for personalization, and is easily replaceable. There are some great ideas all over the internet out there for necklaces, earrings, and even bracelets. Once you find an online template you like, you’re ready to go.


4) Wallet and/or Purse

A paper wallet can be very handy in a pinch, and a paper purse can make a nice container for gift giving. There’s a lot of opportunity for you to put in personal flair, as any design or pattern can be printed for the exterior. A great link for wallet making instructions is available here, and a variety of purse templates are available online at pages like this one.


3) Paper Fans

A great craft to help you cut down on your air conditioning bill! Fans can be made easily with colorful characters or patterns, and will greatly increase your comfort on a hot summer’s day. Some templates with easy instructions can be found at this page, but there’s lots of room for creativity with this craft so let yourself get silly!


2) DIY Board Games

Board games are a classic family event, but can turn into a creative enterprise as well. There are a lot of templates and variations available online, but the truly adventurous should take a stab at designing their own! A lot of the games available at major retailers are overpriced or lack creativity, so printing your own allows access to some truly unique finds you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Tokens can be purchased at hobby stores (or co-opted from other games), and your imagination is the only limit.


1) Action Figures

Last (but certainly not least), are printable action figures. These vary in difficulty, but are available online in an incredible selection. Some are a little boxier while others look just like figurines (it entirely depends on the templates used), but the appeal for these crafts is undeniable.

A lot of kids love the collecting aspect of these figures, but don’t have a full grasp of the astronomical cost associated with buying a full set. This summer craft allows them the opportunity to amass a large collection for a low cost, and involves a hands-on task with a tangible reward.

The options available online are truly admirable, and even the most obscure characters have some type of papercraft form available for download. They allow for great decorative opportunities in a child’s room, or even the desk of a lifelong fan.

Here’s an example of the templates you can find online:

This list of projects should give you some good ideas to turn to this summer, making the most of your printer (and using up any free time you may have!). All of these options can easily be done with kids during their summer vacation, and show that entertainment doesn’t have to come from video games or television. Even if you’re just looking to get your creative juices flowing, these options are great for anyone so enjoy and above all else have fun!