Top 5 Features of Ranet OLAP


Looking for some service which can contribute to your business’ progress? Want to use some service that can provide you with a wide range of tools? Take a slight look at OLAP analysis.

OLAP is a data analysis technology that helps analyze big amounts of different data. For a more proper and effective analysis, OLAP implements different data processing actions. OLAP visualizes data for reports, spots correlations between data, figures out what behavior affects productivity the most. All the features named above are among standard functionality of OLAP tools.

One of the most powerful OLAP data analysis tools is Ranet OLAP, which implements all the actions written above. But it also has 5 outstanding features:

  • What-if analysis. Ranet OLAP aggregates data in a cube form – the most suitable form for OLAP analysis. After that, the data is ready to be processed for any purpose. For what-if data modeling and analysis, you can add new data or change it right in the cube to view and analyze different scenarios. It helps to look for new opportunities and analyze behavior with clients, partners or other market players.
  • Flexible filters for the view adjustment. Use different types of filters to change the way your OLAP data cube looks and represents data. Filters allow working efficiently even if you have a giant data cube with more than 100k data elements. View adjustment can often help users create the most convenient workspace and boost their productivity.
  • Any data source supported. For your OLAP data cube, you can aggregate data from different data sources – just pick the one most convenient for you. Ranet OLAP data analysis works best with SQL Server and MS Analysis Services, but you can connect any other popular XMLA data source like icCube, Essbase and other. And no matter what source you will choose, there are equal features, tools, and services available for any data source.
  • Easy integration with other apps. Even if you can’t write code you still can embed Ranet OLAP analysis service in your app. It is ready to use data analysis service that just needs to be connected to your app and you are ready to go!
  • Integrated report manager allows creating rich and interactive reports of any complexity. Visualize data to show it to your colleagues and understand it easier, use a visual designer to set the right view of the report, export or import settings, styles and calculations.

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