Top 10 benefits of PRINCE2


Project Management may seem like an old term, but is turning tables with a new charm. The “Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017– 2027” report by PMI indicates that by 2027 employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles. There is a large gap to fill the requisite positions and taking up the PRINCE2 Foundation certification is the ideal choice for taking advantage of the growing needs in IT. IT is diversifying and so are the roles it offers. To be accustomed to the upcoming changes, having a good handle over existing practices will keep things neat and tidy on your career path, with clearer visibility on the end goal. Here are the top benefits of taking up PRINCE2 certification, if you think Project Management is the right choice for you:

  1. Understanding management jargon: This may seem silly at first, but we believe that if you want to walk the walk, you sometimes have to talk the talk. PRINCE2 allows you to get familiarised with terms and protocols that can help you gain more control and authority over your peers while building a shorter bridge to upper management.
  2. Organizational skill development: PRINCE2 defines best practices and principles that can not only impact your work environment but your personal life as well. Implementing strategies in terms of small chunks is the core of PRINCE2. This helps you guide your thoughts towards deriving better decisions overall.
  3. Salary: According to PayScale, the average salary of an uncertified Project manager in the UK is $85,000. The average salary of a PRINCE2 certified Project Manager is $97,000. The return on investment, even on a short term level, is plenty when it comes to PRINCE2 certification.
  4. Familiarity with development strategies: PRINCE2 is the ideal starter course that can get you started on your journey as a truly insightful developer. If you are at the starting phases of your career, getting a quick head start on management training can help provide the impetus you need at the workplace that you are ready to take on more tasks and get you noticed.
  5. Easy and Quick: Unlike other strategies, a PRINCE2 certification comes fairly easily and even the exam is much simpler. It’s the ideal choice to just get yourself a nice badge for the social media handles.
  6. Global Recognition: Once you get access to My PRINCE, you will be given access to several white papers and technical papers from organizations all over the world, which can give insight into future trends and help you understand the scope of your career on a global level.
  7. Widens employability: With job diversification occurring rapidly, many Project Management teams are offering nuanced jobs as many are trying to implement newer technologies in the system. With a PRINCE2 certification, you can easily qualify for a variety of jobs that you would have otherwise missed out on. It can help you choose your path in IT, or even get into your dream organization.
  8. Community-wide recognition: the PRINCE2 community is wide and has a global presence. Getting yourself into a global platform as early as you can in your career, will help you by leaps and bounds in terms of understanding global market conditions and how you can take advantage of it, especially if you have an entrepreneurial mindset.
  9. Leadership skills: To those who are extremely skilled technically, but find it difficult to take on supervisory roles, PRINCE2 could be the game-changer that can fast track your progress towards the top. It can help you understand how to work well as a team-player and garner credits towards personal development that will eventually lead to better recognition in your workplace.
  10. Improved reliability: Individuals and teams that follow PRINCE2 principles are known to become more reliable in the workplace. This is because everything is managed and well and the roles and responsibilities of the designated individuals in the team become more well-defined. This leads to better coordination which ultimately leads to greater accountability on an individual basis as well as for the entire team.

Teams from government organizations, private companies, and even port authorities have used PRINCE2 to implement changes in their work to foster better working conditions. Joining the PRINCE2 Foundation training is the baby step that is you need to take in order to blossom into the career-driven, focused and determined individual that the tough and vast IT world seeks.