Top 10 Benefits of Blogging as the best Online Marketing Tool


Blogging has been in vogue for quite a few years now and with every passing day its use and popularity is increasing. Blogs are the best online marketing tool that can change alter the course of a business and can also bring about a total change in the life of an individual who is looking for ways to reach the zenith of fame and glory in his career. Since today’s generation is very tech savvy and most youngsters go online for all their needs you will be gaining a lot if you have a blog of yourself with a domain name and keep posting blogs regularly.


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Blogs can increase the visibility of your product by generating target traffic. Blog posts will help your business big or small to generate more traffic to your site with very little effort through SEO or search engine optimization.
Queries on blog posts always get answered. No matter whatever the question answers are always given and readers and future customers read those answers.
Product or service promotion can be promoted through narration. You can create and cement relationship with potential and prospective customers by relating and narrating your product or service in a creative manner that will appeal to them. Trust will be built and you can capitalize on that trust and keep your customers hooked on to you.
Blogging will send the right vibes to your customers. If a major portion of your customers happen to be those who are very net savvy then giving DIY tips and other product suggestions through blogs will be more appealing to this group.
Blogs help you to address problems of dissatisfied customers quickly. Even big and multinational corporations have their blogging sites where dissatisfied customers can express their dissatisfaction about any product or service and lodge complaints about poor service.
Herald the launch of new products or innovations. Blogs are a great marketing tool to announce the launch of new products and you should be open to customer suggestions and feedbacks to improve product quality and generate increased traffic.
Blogs are standard exhibition platforms for testimonials of customers. You as the businessman can post testimonials about a good deal or transaction. The customer can also give a good feedback about your product or service. So you see it works both ways.
Blog posts can help you to promote other products or services you are into. You can use good and creative posts to sell other products or services you are into and increase your earnings.
Blogging is a good way to show your expertise. The more you slog and the more you blog to proposition and place your product you can become an expert or an authority on blogging which will appeal to your customers.
Your blog is forever. Long after you have posted your blog it will keep on having a ripple effect and customers will keep coming back to buy your product or read your blog.