TONOR 12″ Selfie Ring Light useful For Zoom Conference or YouTube or Tiktok Videos


How often do you open and scroll through your social media feed? Well, it must be hard to keep a count. What is the first thing you do in the morning? No brainer, you will check the notifications on your phone, answer your emails, and scroll through your social media accounts. Social Media platforms have proven that the world is just a click away. It has opened doors of opportunities for many talented individuals. Yup! Many prominent internet personalities/influencer’s talents have seen the light of the day, thanks to the internet and social media. 

People are using their talents to gain loyal followers and collaborate with top brands. They are creating interesting content in the digital space. If you regularly follow your favorite influencers and send hearts to their stories or reels, then you must know the effort they put behind the scenes. It takes a lot of effort to create content that is both high-quality, and relevant to their audience. One such must-have accessory for any social media influencer is a Selfie ring light. Proper lighting can bring a tremendous difference in the quality of the videos. Lighting is not something that people can control. What if you have to shoot at night or evenings? Taking quality pictures or videos can get a little tricky. However, with Selfie Ring Light, there is nothing that can stop people from taking high-quality images or videos.

Selfie Ring Light is useful for Zoom conferences and shooting TikTok and Youtube videos. Tonor 12” Selfie Ring Light is just for you. This Selfie Ring Light will help you in capturing quality selfies and recording videos. In this article, you will find a detailed review of this product and its features. If you’re planning to purchase a Selfie Ring Light for your personal or professional use, then stick till the end of this article. 

Tonor Selfie Ring Light

If you always want to capture perfect snaps without shadows in proper lighting then get Tonor Selfie Ring Light. Along with shadows, it also corrects your skin and shows your radiant version on the skin. No matter where you are, you can do live streams, answer zoom calls, conferences, or record Youtube, Tiktok videos without worrying about lighting. Sounds cool! Get Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light on Amazon today and capture stunning pictures and videos.

Most people assume that a selfie ring light is perfect for recording videos. However, they are not sure whether it is perfect to click pictures with it or not. If you also have similar doubts, then it is time to put them to rest. The ring light in the Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light will assist you in clicking the most flattering images. The excellent features of this ring light make clicking portraits fun. For everyone curious to know what makes this tool popular among influencers-it’s features. 

Wanna know more about the features? 

Let’s dive into the topic then.

Features of Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light

Soft Light

One of the first things that need to be discussed when it comes to features is lighting. People purchase selfie rings to make sure that they get proper lighting while clicking pictures and recording videos. Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light does the job just right. The selfie ring in this product comes with 160 led bulbs. You can imagine the brightness it will illuminate. 

The best part about this selfie ring light is, it prevents eye glare and makes your skin glowing in the videos and pictures. Another interesting feature of this tool is color modes. It is offering users three different color modes. You can choose the color mode and the brightness levels based on your requirements. The color temperature of this selfie ring light ranges between 2700-6500k. You can adjust the brightness and color modes through the control button on the USB cable too. 

Excellent Operation

Influencers and professionals are always busy. They won’t have too much time to spend on different things, so they prefer products that make their job easy. Setting up the tripod and the ring light is easy. You just need to plug it into the power source and start recording or clicking pictures. It also provides you with a Bluetooth shutter that makes it easy for you to record videos and take pictures. 

The upgraded tripod is also working in favor of the users. You can adjust the height of the tripod between 16” to 53”. The anti-slippery rubber of the phone holder will make sure that your phone never loses the grip. Since you can adjust the height and angle of the tripod, the perfect angle is not hard to achieve. 

Life span & Accessories

The first thing that most people verify before purchasing a selfie ring light is the lifespan. It is important to verify this detail before the purchase. The reason being, shooting a video can take hours, having battery troubles will delay the shoot. Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light comes with a lifespan of 20000H. The electrostatic shielding technology and surge protection are behind the lifespan of this selfie ring light. 

With Tonor, say goodbye to battery troubles and finish your shoot, streaming, or meetings without any interruption. If you think you will only be getting a selfie ring light and tripod stand, then you’re highly wrong. The accessories that come with this product are an Adjustable tripod, remote shutter(Bluetooth), phone holder, 12″ ring light, user manual.

Wrapping up

Hope you got a detailed understanding of Tonor 12″ Selfie Ring Light. If you are an influencer, this product is a must-have for you. With the Tonor selfie ring by your side, your pictures and videos will be well-light. Be it live streaming or shooting a vlog for your Youtube, Tonor 12″ Selfie Light is always ready. What are you waiting for? Purchase 2″ Selfie Ring  Light today and improve the quality of your videos and pictures. Now capturing quality videos and pictures are just a click away.