To Do Checklist iPhone App to Make Your Life Easy and Organized


If you have been faded off with your current life and trying to escape from it or searching an alternate way then we can sort out your problem but only if you have iPhone. Today we will feature an amazing task organizing iPhone app which will help you out to schedule your daily and occasional tasks and get proper reminder for completing those. There are many other iPhone of similar taste also available but the ‘To Do Checklist’ app is something like gem in the crowd.


We can consider ‘To Do Checklist’ one of the most featured iPhone apps for organizing your tasks. This app developed by Brain in Stock company, which try to implement elegance and feature’s combination duo to serve the best of their customers. This app offers categorized way to organize your life as per the daily life situation. So simple user interface makes it more valuable for the users, as everyone needs a simple and handy way to do something, this app fulfills this necessity.




First, let us clear you; this is not an alarm like app which will beep you until you shut it off. ‘To Do Checklist’ is to organize your daily routine and make your daily life simple more responsive. This allows you to create categories and list your task according to those. For example if you are going for vacation then you must manage packaging, shopping, travel plans, stay, hotel booking etc. you can organize these tasks easily and effectively. Most importantly, you can share your organized task list of this app to the other persons. Suppose you want to share your task with your wife, this is possible with this iPhone app effectively.


At the home screen of the app you can see the sorted items or task you have crated according to the category. This helps you to rapidly view a list of all the uncompleted tasks, or perhaps a list of all the ones you’ve already sorted out. This way, you have clear mind with your unclear tasks which need a lot of attention. This app provide you badge notification which ensures proper completion of task without missing a single task of your list. Extend your task list by adding more similar tasks to it or crate new one easily.


This app gives you sporting look with fabric touch feel, have iconic buttons without text i.e. to create new list use the Green color Plus sign. Access buttons are quite sensitive and need more touch to access any feature. If you have bigger hand than normal one then you need a lot of concern. You can add contact information of related person of the task which help you to contact that person quickly at the time of task without searching your phone book. You can add his/her email address and phone number to contact.


This iPhone app will come to you for $1.99 from the App Store, according to our review panel this app is so worthy, you can spend such amount to have this on your iPhone after all it help you to manage your whole life and make it smother. ‘To Do Checklist’ requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


to do checklist iphone app interface


Key Features:

  • Alarm (notifications)
  • Add tasks to different lists
  • Add tasks with specific due date or make general checklists for miscellaneous purposes, that you need to take care about, e.g. shopping, preparing for vacations etc.
  • Lists and tasks are easy accessible from one screen view
  • Check tasks for todays, delayed tasks and reminders
  • Send task lists via SMS or email to share with others
  • Call or send email directly from the application
  • Editable Notes
  • Easy adding, deleting and archiving tasks
  • Feedback option in the app Settings tab


Recommendation to Use With

  • Working tasks
  • Shopping lists
  • Sports activities
  • Kids care
  • Preparing for a vacation
  • Starting renovation project
  • Following healthy lifestyle schedule
  • Notes list for phone numbers or emails