Tips to Write a Snappy Headline


Internet users are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing ploys that attempt to win them over and convince them to buy a certain product or try a particular service. Because many internet users are consistently and often simultaneously pulled in various directions, most quickly scan headlines to counteract the overload of information being hurled at them. Therefore, headlines that grab the reader’s attention and capture their curiosity are imperative if you want to gain a competitive edge. This article will outline several techniques when it comes to generating snappy headlines for commercial purposes.


Tips to Write a Snappy Headline

The first tip for successfully creating a headline is to target it toward a specific audience. If the headline is too general, it may be overlooked because the reader does not feel the article, website, or product addresses his unique needs. Thus, keep your purpose in mind when putting together a title. Consider what the overall message is you are trying to get across to the reader, and what kind of audience you are reaching out to. Also, remember to quickly get to the point and keep the headline short and focused. However, do not give everything away in the headline or else the consumer will have no need to read or investigate further. As previously mentioned, a lot of internet users are used to scanning information at a quick rate, and often need to be reeled in within 2-3 seconds. Every word used in the headline is of the essence and needs to contribute to the overall goal of the message and producing the author’s desired response.

Secondly, make sure the reader sees that what you have is of value to him. Consumers usually look for products that can directly benefit themselves or help them out of a predicament, such as financial woes. The idea is to put aside selling yourself for a moment, and concentrate on the needs of your audience. In communicating with a targeted audience, however, do not forget to personalize the content. This often requires use of the second-person narrative, hence the personal pronoun “you.” Through using this second-person personal pronoun, a connection is formed with each and every single member of your audience.

Third, snappy headlines can be constructed through creative literary techniques. Alliteration, where the first letter of a word is used more than once throughout a headline, such as “How to Brew the Best Beer,” where the letter B is used several times, can provide good tips for writing snappy headlines. If this technique is overused, though, titles can come out sounding silly and redundant. In addition, other literary techniques including assonance and consonance can create titles where the syllables fall easily into place and make the headline catchy and easy to remember. Similes and metaphors may also have their place in writing snappy headlines, but like other techniques, can become cliché when overdone.

In conclusion, attention grabbing headlines are important because of the hordes of information and marketing propaganda displayed on the internet. In the 21st century, the internet has served as perhaps the biggest marketing platform for businesses and advertisers. A few helpful tips for writing snappy headlines include making sure the headline is short and focused yet creative, presents an obvious benefit to its targeted audience, establishes a personal connection with the reader, and perhaps makes use of common literary writing techniques. To see what internet providers are in your area refer to to choose your options.