Tips To Make Your Blog’s Design More Appealing

blog design

blog design

In the event that you want to make money with your blog or you simply want to increase traffic, blog design stands out as being crucial. It is very important that you do all that you can in order to keep visitors engaged as they land on the site and every single blogger out there realizes at one point in time that creating highly valuable content is not enough.

Modern website development focuses on many things and we can say that there are various steps that you can take in order to make the design of your blog more appealing. However, some are more important than others. That is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs.

Eliminate Design Noise

New bloggers usually make one huge design mistake: they add a lot of design elements to their sites. This can include a lot of images, graphics, animations, banners and much more. You can definitely add a couple of graphics that are animated in the sidebar region as this is away from the site’s main content area but when you overdo it, visitors are not going to like it.

Design noise basically means adding design elements that are not necessary and that do not really add to the appeal of a site. You want to be sure that you use appropriate colors and that you never use improper colors like yellow text on white backgrounds. Make sure that design is smooth and clean at all times.

Constantly Offer Fresh Content

While evergreen content is great because of the fact that it will rank higher in search engines on the long run, it is the fresh content that makes people come back to your blog. Fresh content should be added 3 times per week minimum. More often is always better. This will help your site since search engine robots will keep coming back to your site and a loyal blog following can be developed as people will want to come back as they know that fresh content should be available.

Use Graphics And Videos

While always remembering the design noise fact we mentioned above, you have to use images and videos in your blog post. Just make sure that they are relevant and that you do not overdo it. People love sites that are visually appealing. Videos offer the possibility of going through content faster. On the whole, these are elements that should be present in visually appealing blogs.

Always Stick To A Main Topic

In the event that your blog is about fashion, you should not add blog posts about repairing your car, unless you can combine this with fashion in one way or another, which is quite hard to do. You do not want to confuse the reader as he/she wants to know what type of content is featured on your blog. Always stick to your main content in order to showcase your industry authority and eventually build a strong reputation on the market you operate in. Do not add content just to add content. Add it only when it is on point.