Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing


The Internet has become a major source for all types of data and information. You name it and the web world has it. There are 1000s of web pages created daily. There is no one to monitor the message that is being uploaded. As such people are resorting to plagiarised content. It may be unintentionally or intentionally.

As a newbie, you might be wondering what is this plagiarized content all about.

Plagiarism is copying or representing another’s piece of work or idea as their own. It can lead to a serious offence once recognized. As a student or inexperienced writer, you get attracted to experienced writer’s message and without wasting time spent on researching, you tend to copy this message. This leads to plagiarised content. A style of the writing is predetermined by the writer. There are many who are influenced by them. This could result in unintentional plagiarism by copying a similar style.

Producing original content is very important to gain online reputation. Plagiarised work damages the writer’s reputation and destroys a career. Avoiding those is essential. One way is being extra cautious by using plagiarism checker – free tools.

The other way is to come up with own words, ideas and enhance your writing skills and become better in writing original content.

Moreover, your writing should convey your concepts and ideas. Considering today’s ultra-tech world, writers always tend to depend on online sources which might develop into serious plagiarism risks. To avoid such hazards here are few tips to prevent plagiarized writing.

Outline your write-up

A well-written content or essay need not literally be a collection of people’s research. It should be your own ideas and thoughts. Thoroughly plan and outline your text before starting to write. Make a clear picture which comes from you and which from other outside sources. To make this simple and easy, you can specify an abridged name to each individual sources. Note it down beside the ideas you take from each. This will save from sorting out later.

Wait! Are you still in the note-taking phase?  Carefully keep track of these ideas, where they come from. The next phase is briefly put down your points after carefully analyzing and understanding the context.



This approach is the best solution to cite the original source and can’t find the information elsewhere. Have a brief idea and write it in your own words. Do not write more than two words in a sentence verbatim.  Always double-check without messing up the content.

But wait! there is still to tell about paraphrasing

You cannot rewrite someone’s ideas, words and present as yours. This is not the best way to avoid paraphrasing, you need to associate ideas with original authors.

Do you have a starting problem? Then start with other references and input your own ideas or thoughts.


Cite sources

Are you the person who want to gain credits for your own thoughts or ideas? Doesn’t want your instructors to think you have copied the message or information from some other sources. But if there is a doubt that erupted, then cite proper sources. Instead of weakening your write-up with fewer ideas, strengthen it by citing sources like

  • Author’s name
  • Any book you referred to and more

Show readers that you have not copied other thoughts but are modifying and adding them to your content. Lending outside ideas can add flavour to your original content and spark your content without any plagiarism.


Don’t Just write blindly

Hold on! Many have grown from this stage. Writing blindly without thinking. After reaching a point in the story, you don’t know where you are heading to. Then doubt creeps in.  That’s when you begin to guess yourself. You end up saying and your close vicinity saying- you are no good in what you are doing.

You need to rewrite. Then you start giving up.

Before all this negativity goes into the mind gather all the words, phrases and pen ambiguous statements. If you connecting all the doubts, make sure which idea is coming from where and knit diligently.

Want to avoid writing blindly, then let your essay take a nap. It’s not joking Give time for your essay and proofread it. This way you can leap into your essay later again and make sure that your message is plagiarism free.


Add Value

Do not use all the information you find in the sources. Try and add some flavours and splash some colours into it. Try using your own words and your own insights. This will rank and score better. It shows other people that you know the topic well and understand what you are speaking or writing about. You can only edge on your points by researching extensively.


Plagiarism Checker

There are a lot of tools to check whether the written content is plagiarised or not. There is an obvious necessity for you to have a plagiarism checker by your side while writing. You must be wondering why? These tools help writers to stay within ethical and regulatory limits. They are many plagiarism checker tools and one among them is Plagramme.

A note to remember: Ensure that you disable the settings as it considers as a fresh document, even if you load the same essay next time.



In today’s age information is available in superabundance. Writing a research paper, content and articles on various topics seem to be like a child’s play. There is an internet which offers gigabytes of information in only nanoseconds time. You may be thinking it is easy to reproduce information. But before diving into the sea of writing, follow the above few guidelines and more to avoid plagiarism. It is like stealing the properties of others.