Tips For Blogging Success On Your Business Website


Building a carefully designed business website is only the first step to digital success in business.  As a part of your extended digital marketing campaign, you should incorporate the space for a business blog on your website.

Your blog is a perfect hub for building optimized content on your website.  The concepts of search engine optimization are helpful throughout your design, but your “Blog” section is a highly saturated area of SEO infusion.

This company’s business blog is a great example of a well-maintained collection of posts.  Check out a few helpful hints to make your business blog even better, and aim your business towards success.

Create click-worthy titles for your posts

You should consider your post title as a headline on a billboard.  You should aim for eye-catching when composing headlines.

Writing a headline should also make you consider what exactly web users might search.  Your headlines need to include targeted keywords for ranking and identification purposes.

Write relevant information in your posts

More than anything, your business blog posts need to contain relevant information that will teach or intrigue the readers.  A business blog could lead your organization into the role of industry leadership when it is centered around engaging, enriching information.

It is also a great idea to encourage experts to guest post on your blog.  A good blog will be the driving reason for increased traffic on your business website, so do not hesitate to invest in its optimization.

Write using a friendly or conversational tone

Though you are writing a business blog, try your best to maintain a personable tone.  Wordy, intellectual writing has its place, but not so much on your business blog.  Speak to the target audience of your organization, but keep it cordial.

Cordial and professional are best when writing your business blog posts.  The extreme of being too lax in your tone is just as detrimental as a brand-specific, jargon-rich, overly intellectualized post.

Post regularly to keep readers interested

Your business blog is a living creature (figuratively speaking).  It should grow.  It should adapt, and it should be maintained.

You cannot simply post ten entries on your business blog and hope for the best.  New entries should be posted on average around once per week.

Stay conscious of search engine optimization as you write

Your blog is the most SEO rich area of your website.  Make sure you are remaining conscious of search engine optimization as your write each post.  Thoughtful keyword phrases will help Google’s search bots to better identify your posts as relevant.

It is also a great idea to mix your media in each post.  Add in social media quotes, high quality pictures and videos, and even a good poll for added interaction.