Time To Upgrade: Make Moving To A New Office As Simple As Possible

office moving


There are a lot of exciting moments in the life cycle of any business. However, few are more exciting than the moment that it’s time to upgrade your business and move to a new, larger office. Perhaps you’ve been working out of a small office for now, or maybe you’ve even been working from home, but once you’re in a new office, it can start to really feel as though you’ve made it. Of course, the period in between deciding to upgrade your office space and actually getting on with working productively can be a seriously stressful time. With that in mind, here are a few ways that you can move offices with as little stress as possible.

Plan ahead

Planning is the most important thing in any move like this, especially when it involves your business. After all, unlike a home move, you simply can’t afford to take your time with an office move. You’re going to want to get back up and running as soon as possible, and if you don’t plan what you’re going to do, then you’re going to end wasting far more time than you really have. Plan everything from the schedule to what needs packing and where. There’s no such thing as being too detailed and planning as carefully as possible at the start is going to save you huge amounts of time at the other end. As well as broadband services, many communications companies also offer the ability to move your telephone system to a new location or office space.

Hire movers

You might think that you and your employees can deal with the move, but there are a few things wrong with that. Firstly, it’s probably not in your employee’s contract to do that, so they’re under no obligation to help. And secondly, if they do help and they hurt themselves carrying something heavy, you’re the one who’s going to be liable for that. A company like mybekins.com is a far better option. They have trained personnel who are able to be totally safe during the move, saving your employees and yourself the trouble.

Know your layout

office moving


There are few things more stressful than standing in a space that’s pretty much empty other than a big stack of boxes in the middle and desks piled up together. The best thing that you can do to get things started ASAP at the other end it to have a clear layout for how you want your office to look. That way, the movers know exactly where everything needs to go and aren’t just going to dump it all in the middle of the space and leave it at that.

It might seem as though moving to a new office is so much work as to not really be worth it. But if you’ve decided that a larger, more professional workspace is was your business needs, then dealing with a little bit of stress is almost certainly worth it. If you plan carefully, then the stress of the move is going to be short-lived while the benefits of your new space are going to be incredibly long lasting and significant.