The Top 3 Types of E-Startups inspired by Airbnb Shared Economy


Airbnb and rental companies like it are champions of collaborative consumption, otherwise known as sharing or peer economy. The concept is simple – owners rent out an item they do not need or aren’t using, for example a bicycle, a garage, a room in their home, or even their whole house – allowing people to rent it. It’s a simple case of supply and demand or “sharing with peers.”

Airbnb and other rental companies have seen a huge surge in popularity over recent times and this trend seems set to continue. Utilizing the latest technology plays a key role in the industry and this has resulted in opportunities for many. Airbnb shared economy has inspired more than a handful of successful e-startups. Let’s explore a few of those:

Airbnb Automation Software

Airbnb hosts are busy people – especially if they’re renting out dozens of properties. It can be extremely tough to stay on top of everything! That’s why hosts are looking for a helping hand, and are turning to the Airbnb automation software solutions. One such company is AirGMS, that provides all-in-one software for Airbnb business management.

With AirGMS software hosts can set up automated messages that can be sent to clients and potential clients, after all communication is key when renting out property. Hosts can also automate their calendar and cleaning schedules.

Automated software helps hosts to stay on top of bookings – keeping track of when properties are due to be let out. This helps to prevent the dreaded “double booking” problem (which can lead to negative feedback and could land the host with unwanted penalties).

Feedback is sometimes a bit of an issue on Airbnb, it can be hard work getting guests to put fingers to keyboard and type up those all-important reviews.

Hosts can encourage guests to leave a review by always leaving feedback for them, there’s a useful tool that allows hosts to set up automated feedback.

Automation equals less time spent dealing with paperwork and entering data into clumsy spreadsheets, leaving more time to work on growing the business. Automation allows things to get done efficiently.

Airbnb Pricing Management Software

Hosts also need help with getting their pricing strategy in order and this has resulted in companies developing Airbnb pricing management software. The software takes into account a number of metrics to determine the best price for a property.

Prices can be tweaked based on seasonal factors, things that are going on in the local area such as festivals, exhibitions and sporting events, and occupancy rates at other nearby accommodation. The software takes factors like these into account when figuring out pricing for a property.

Key Exchange Services for Vacation Rental Business

The rise of Airbnb has also brought about a need for key exchange services. In the past people would hide their spare key beneath the flower pot or doormat – not really the safest option! However, hosts do not want to have to hang around properties waiting for guests to arrive so they can “check in.” Nowadays hosts can use key exchange services instead, these include schemes that use local retailers and businesses as “keyholders” for the property.

The host takes the keys to the allocated business, where a special tracking fob is attached, and then the keys are stashed in a secure place on the premises, (such as a safe). When a host confirms a booking they send the guest a pin-code and the address of the keys. The guest can then collect the keys and enter the property. The host receives notification with this happens. Once the guest has left, he or she should return the key to the “keyholder” (the business from which they collected it). The key can then be scanned back in and returned to its safe place.

The Rise of Smart Tools

The success of property rental companies such as Airbnb has really brought to the fore the need for smart tools to help hosts increase booking and make the most of their properties. Successful e-startups have come along with the aim of making hosting an easier task, eradicating problems and offering features that can supercharge property rental. Hosts just need to be made aware of the great tools at their disposal.