The Symantec SSL Infographic


Website security is ridiculously important nowadays, with millions of people all over the world needing to put their trust in the Internet for the purpose of eCommerce, finance and account logins. If it wasn’t for things like the Symantec SSL certificate, the internet would be nowhere near as secure as it is and sensitive information would be compromised left, right and centre.


The SSL infographic helps to give even a total layman answers to questions such as “what is SSL?” and “How does it protect me?” Easy to navigate and laid out in a user-friendly fashion, the infographic helps to give info about every aspect of SSL, varying in complexity from the very basics to more advanced details.


The Symantec SSL Infographic

SSL helps to keep internet users such as you and me safe. If we’re online making a purchase, or doing our internet banking, SSL certificates are there to keep our sensitive information, such as account details and login passwords, secure and encrypted. With so many fraudulent users out there nowadays, it’s so important to make sure your details are safe, because you never know who else is watching.

Everyone who uses the net will be aware of the https:// in the address bar that appears when you’re on a secure connection. This is the SSL’s doing and it’s there to keep your online experience secure.