Subscription & RSS feed (Infographic)


Almost daily you see a new Email in your mailbox asking you to subscribe to one or more services, mostly paid. Question is; what exactly is a subscription? In simple terms, subscription is a product or service for which you pay periodically, rather than all at once. One of such subscription is RSS feed which is family of Web feed formats used to publish often updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” document contains either a summary of content from an associated web site or the full text. It is very good source to get updates from your favourite website automatically without any need of checking it manually. All you need is to subscribe to an RSS feed and you have complete access to all the information published on the feed.

There are software(s) called “RSS reader,” “feed reader” or an “aggregator” which are used to read RSS content. The term aggregation corresponds to combine the contents of multiple web feeds, such as for display on a single web page. The user subscribes to a feed by entering the feed’s link into the reader or by clicking an RSS icon in a browser that begins the subscription process. They check the user’s subscribed feeds often for new content, downloading any updates that they find. RSS documents are XML based documents which is a generic specification for the creation of data formats. As mentioned above RSS is also called “Really Simple Syndication” where the term syndication is used to describe the availability of a web feed for an information source, such as a blog. This is also known as “publishing” a feed.

RSS feeds have become so useful and common that you can see those for almost all important information on internet. For example, RSS feed is extensively used in exchanges (Stock markets) where brokers, traders and investors get real time updates automatically. Information sharing has advanced many folds in past few years and is still continuously upgrading and advancing. Importance of the need of real time information has made such subscriptions a mandate need for today.