Steps to Excogitate while Deciding Perfect WordPress Themes for Your Blog


Are you new to blogging? Wondering what WordPress theme will suit your blog? Don’t get tensed! Here I suggest you some easy ways that help you in your decision. Keep in mind the first thing you need to be done when starting any new blog is choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog. Having a nice looking WordPress theme would add more value and interest to your blog. Gone are the days when blogs look so lame and boring. Now bloggers are aware of it. They are concentrating more on their blog looks. I hope this article will guide you to select the best theme for your blog.


WordPress is the most preferable platform among all the CMS platforms due to its flexible and customization capability. The only thing that makes you to feel hard in WordPress is choosing the suitable WordPress theme for your business due to the availability of thousands of outstanding themes. WordPress provides provides many stunning elegant themes. The key of your blog is your theme so make sure that whether your them is good looking since it attracts more customers towards your blog.

Also, while choosing your theme keep in mind that, it not only it makes the first impression on your blog’s visitors, it is also important from the SEO perspective. The below mentioned are the basic factors that to be considered when choosing the right theme for your WordPress site –


Deciding WordPress Themes for Your Blog



Niche Theme

This should be at the top of your list while creating a new theme for your site. Choosing a niche theme for your website makes your business easy.For example, if your website is related to e-commerce then choose the theme which is particularly created for e-commerce. This will help your customer to easily understand your business.Adding the niche theme in your WordPress site makes your customer to understand what you are.


Choose your Theme (Free vs. Premium)

There are thousands of free WordPress themes are available in market. A free theme is self-explanatory. You can download a free theme from the available niche market. A premium theme is one which is built specially for you, where you can have your company logo in it. I’m not saying their free themes are bad. They are good when your starting a website or blog and thinking not to spent more money on your blog. As a WordPress beginner you can use the free themes for your blog.

When you want to take your business to the next level, it is quite good to use premium themes. Since it is built mainly for your business, it fulfills all your requirements. I can say it is a good idea to use premium themes for your blog due to the availability of features and unique structure.Think wise in choosing your theme as it resembles your business.


Color Consolidation

Do you want to attract more customers towards your blog? I hope you can do this by choosing the perfect colors for your themes. You want your blog to be readable by your visitors, keep that in mind when choosing your color preferences.Many bloggers do this mistake, as they do not spend much time in choosing colors to their blogs. They are forgetting that the color combination helps their themes to look pretty and good. See if your blog’s theme color is too dark and if your choosing bright colors for text, reader feel too hard while reading your page. To avoid this spend some time in choosing the colors of your theme.Don’t worry if you doesn’t get the color as you wish, you can always change the colors of any element on your theme by manually editing the CSS code.

Color Consolidation


Browser Compatibility

This is also a fact that most of the browsers forget while choosing their themes.Remember that your theme will not be displayed as your original in many browsers. So please test your themes in all browsers completely before you make it as yours.


Easy Usability

This is one of the important attribute we should consider when choosing a WordPress theme. If you want your users to follow every pages in your blog, then you choose a theme that they can easily navigate all around. Some theme looks fantastic but it may not provide a way to the users for easy navigation. So be cautious when choosing your theme, that the users should navigate with ease.

Taking time to thoroughly review a themes before choosing it will help to spend less on customization. Be cautious and act smart in selecting your theme, since it is your responsibility to present your theme with awesome look. These steps will help you to stand ahead from the crowd, as many as are following you to overcome your business. I hope this article will help you in guiding you in theme selection process. Choose your right theme and enjoy the features of it.