How Steel Fabrication is Utilized in Everyday Life

steel fabric

Steel fabrication is the process of creating structures by cutting, bending, and assembling pieces of steel together.  Typically, a shop will need to weld, cut, and form pieces together.  Machine work will need to be completed to remove the unwanted metal and shape the pieces into a desired design.

Steel fabrication makes our lives much easier and safer.  The fabrication process has allowed us to create automation and globalization.  We use steel fabrication to create assembly lines; factory machines; network/computer servers and equipment; medical equipment; defense equipment; airplanes; cars and trucks; and many other items.  More specifically, people do not realize how important an item like steel is.  We depend on steel to keep our lives comfortable and running smooth.

Steel is used in a variety of aspects of our lives, but to name a few: cars, homes, bridges, traffic signs, skyscrapers, recycling, and sustainability.  Steel is commonly used as the body of a vehicle because of its strength and durability.  Several other parts of a vehicle can be made out of steel as well such as the chassis, brakes, exhaust and engine.   In fact, 60% of a modern vehicle’s weight is due to steel.  By using steel in the roof of a vehicle, manufactures are making the vehicle at least three times safer.

steel fabric

Photo by jbolles, CC BY-SA 2.0

Steel homes are becoming widely popular because of the efficiency and sustainability factors.  A steel roof will last you well over fifty years while a traditional roof may only last you fifteen to seventeen years.  Today, over 50% of the world’s steel is used in housing.  A steel roof will keep the heat out in the summer and keep you warmer in the winter.  The longevity of a steel framed home will outnumber any brick or wooden home.  Check out for more information about quality metal buildings and the different types available.

As mentioned, the strength of steel is what makes it a viable solution for bridges and overpasses.   Plus, its strength-to-weight ratio minimizes weight making it even more popular.  Steel makes the design and construction of bridge projects quick and cost-effective.  Not to mention, steel is extremely sustainable and reliable.  The ability to withstand natural disasters and constant weather makes it the number one choice among contractors.

Skyscrapers are always designed with steel. They must be able to withstand high winds, natural weather such as wind, rain, tornados, and earthquakes.  In order to do this, they are constructed from a steel frame.  Most skyscrapers are made up of one large steel box with several smaller steel boxes inside of it.

Traffic signs are often made out of steel, as well, because steel offers bending resistance at any axis, lower drag coefficient and wind loading, and it is ideal for corrosion resistance.

National defence heavily relies on steal from the equipment they use to technology.  For example, the helicopters most certainly have steel in the body for protection as do the missiles.  The nuclear submarines are full of military grade steel and tanks are covered in steel armor plates.  Even some of the assault rifles have steel parts in the construction.

Even our healthcare system uses steel with many of the devices and surgical implements made out of steel.  As you can, steel fabrication is used in almost every line of work.  If not line of work, you are using steel in some form during your daily life.  This could be your car, pieces of equipment, travel via bus or airplane, even some of our furniture at home has steel.  Steel is staple in our lives that is used every single day because it is healthy for the environment, it is sustainable, and reliable.