6 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android


Smartphones these days come at HD resolutions. Watching HD movies is a treat on these phones. However, these movies consume large storage places, which leave your phone with little space for other stuff. In these circumstances, if you have a steady internet connection, streaming videos off the web is a great way to enjoy HD movies, TV shows and videos from video steaming sites without having to worry about storage space. Let’s look at some of the best streaming apps available in the Android market.


Best video streaming apps on Android


1. Netflix

Netflix provides the largest catalog of movies and TV shows which you can stream off the web. It can be integrated with your Facebook account which enables you to keep track of the movies and TV shows you’ve watched. It also lets you share videos with your friends and check which videos are popular among your friends. There’s also a very handy resume feature which lets you play back a video from where you left it.
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2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video streaming site similar to YouTube. However, the Vimeo library contains many high quality videos which can’t be found on YouTube. Smartphone users having HD capabilities at their disposal would generally prefer Vimeo as its HD videos are a treat to watch on smaller phone screens. Using the Vimeo app, one can stream videos, upload videos to their Vimeo account and even comment on other people’s videos.
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3. TED

TED (standing for Technology, Entertainment and Design) provides us with presentations from some of the brightest minds on earth. The presentations are generally very inspiring and thought provoking and critically acclaimed by many. The TED app allows us to view these videos from its library and download them at will. And since ideas shouldn’t be bound by languages, it also provides subtitles in over 80 languages!
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4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is an answered prayer for all anime fans. It lets you stream dubbed or subbed videos of your favorite anime shows from its vast library. However, it is a paid service, and some of the videos are locked geographically, meaning they can only be accessed from specific countries.
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5. Crackle

Although available only in the U.S, Canada, U.K and Australia as of now, Crackle is set to go mainstream app this year. Users can stream full length movies using this app. Movies are categorized by their genre and date of addition. Every month, about 20 movies are being added to ensure that the content never gets stale.
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VEVO HD enables us to stream HD videos from VEVO channels of music artists on YouTube. One app gives you access to over 50 channels. Some videos are region-locked; however, the HD videos are of top quality.
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Equipped with the apps mentioned above, one should never have any problem satisfying his video entertainment needs while not having to worry about storage space at all. With internet data rates going down at a steady rate while delivering better speeds, it won’t be long before cloud storage becomes a standard on mobile devices and perhaps even computers in the near future.

This guest post has been authored by Prashant Sharma who runs What is Android blog and also administers Price India blog.