Should You Build Your Website Yourself or Hire a Professional?


Just about every business today needs to have a website, but there are at least a couple of general ways of building them. There are plenty of professional developers who accept payment to create sites, while ambitious amateurs can also put websites online themselves but choose best UX agency. A quick look at some of the most important considerations might make it easier to choose appropriately.

The Pros of Going With a Professional

 Professional website developers in the United States alone are predicted to rake in somewhere north of $38 billion in revenue in the course of 2019. The impressive demand for this type of service stems from both the importance of websites today and a number of other factors. Generally speaking, choosing to have a professional develop a website will allow for:

  • More customization. Most who choose to create their own websites opt for either freely available platforms like WordPress or do-it-yourself site building services. In most cases, this will mean sticking to a relatively small range of looks and types of functionality. Even when a professional developer starts with a foundation like WordPress, much more in the way of customization will typically be within reach. That can mean anything from having unique features to a look that sets a business’s site more clearly apart from the competition.
  • More optimization. Amateurs who build their own websites are rarely well positioned to extract the full potential from them. A professional will be better able to see the important issues like search engine optimization, which can generate additional organic traffic over time. Professional developers also tend to be better equipped to make sure websites load quickly and to enable more visitor engagement and higher conversion rates from the start.
  • Less hassle. Most business owners and entrepreneurs have jam-packed calendars at even the best of times. Having a professional take care of everything required to put a website online will mean not needing to take on yet another responsibility.

Going It Alone Sometimes Make Sense

 Benefits like these and others drive persistent and steadily growing demand for professional website development services. On the other hand, there are also cases where it can make sense for a business owner or other individual to build a website on their own. Some of the advantages that can come from this approach include:

  • Lower costs. Skilled developers will generally need to be paid for their services. For a young company with limited resources, it could make sense to budget very little for a website and personally handle as much of the work as possible.
  • Developing a website from the ground up and putting it online can make for a productive learning experience. Entrepreneurs who feel they might like to launch more businesses and associated websites in the future could easily benefit from the lessons learned along the way. Becoming personally familiar with some of the 55,000-plus plugins available for WordPress, for instance, could be rewarding.

Not Normally a Difficult Question to Answer

 Breaking things down to identify the benefits of each approach should generally help clarify whether hiring a professional to develop a website will make sense. In most cases, viable, established businesses and even startups will do well to seriously consider this option. Technically adept entrepreneurs and business owners with very small budgets tend to be most likely to benefit from building their own sites.