Shopper Local Digital Marketing: A Review

Local Digital Marketing

In the past decade, development in the marketing industry has been one of the places where the internet has come to have the greatest impact. While the spotlight has greatly changed from television and newspaper advertisements and moved on to internet-based marketing, the companies selling print media marketing to clients have felt the need to expand their horizons to encompass Local digital marketing. One of the leading examples of such companies is Shopper Local. The company, long considered the leader in Print Media marketing by  means of grocery cart advertising and register tape coupons, is now trying to make a mark in the world’s internet marketing scenario.

The innovative new structure of the company offers not only the usual SEO and Social Media Marketing solutions, but also services such as power placement and coupon easy, as well as relatively dated services such as email marketing. Needless to say, their customers would have a wide range of choices.

What Sets the Company Apart

1.       Their Power Placements service.

This is an extremely innovative way to define your business footprint on the internet. Upon availing this service, your business name, address and contact details will be either placed, or updated in several (often around 40) local websites that list local businesses for user reference. These include the big guns of listings such as Yelp, Zomato, Google Places, MapQuest, and so on.

 Local Digital Marketing

2.       CouponEasy

This is another relatively rare service offered by Shopper Local. It involves the distribution of Coupons and Coupon codes to customers as an affiliate source of e-commerce businesses. You introduce certain discount coupons on your products applicable on production of a coupon code. The coupon code is available with the affiliate marketing agents of your website (here, Shopper Local), who would make them abundantly available on the internet.
3.       Mobile Optimized Websites

The idea is to get your e-commerce website a smartphone application so that it becomes easier for clients and customers to avail your services or buy your products or both even while in the move. Statistics show that mobile optimized websites are more likely to generate a greater amount of revenue in any given time compared to simple websites.
4.       The Usual Digital Marketing Packages

These include SEO, Social Media Marketing and Email marketing. SEO deals with increasing your page rank on search engines by indexing your website on the engine’s database and introducing as many keywords relating to your website as possible.  Social Media marketing involves creation of pages for your website on Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter and advertising your products through them. Email marketing is an otherwise dated technology that involves sending routine emails to subscribers to your website showcasing your latest products and offers.

All these and more are offered by Shopper Local to suit the internet marketing requirements of your local website. Be sure to contact the service providers and get quotes before you invest your money, although chances are that you won’t be disappointed anyway.