Seven Excellent Examples of Call-to-Action Triggers


Internet marketing is all about engaging the user. What marketers want is to trigger a reaction from the visitors, a like, a share a click, anything that will prove that they are interested. This is usually referred to as a call-to-action, and it is something you, as a business person or entrepreneur, should always consider. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful call-to-action triggers that can be inserted in a text, and will increase the chances of making a sale.


Content writing for marketing purposes has been practiced for many years, and it is no secret that powerful titles always manage to attract more readers. Subsequently, the first call-to-action trigger that you should keep in mind is the article title. Reputable companies have often talked about the importance of creating attractive titles, as they determine whether or not the visitor will read the article. Make it unique, intriguing, descriptive, funny or controversial. Obviously, the content of the post should also be top notch. But how can you determine the visitor to make a purchase once he or she is done reading?


examples of call to action

1. If you liked the article, give us a Like/+1/Tweet

Assuming that the reader read your entire post, and found it valuable, chances are that he will want to share it with his friends. This will help you increase brand awareness, for future marketing purposes, and it will also enable other users to find out about your business. You can adapt this call-to-action to suite the tone of your blog or website.


2. Show the product that you’re buying to your friends

Most social media platforms have become witness to some of the strangest things. People have started to post what they eat, photos from their vacations, while still on vacation, and many more, so sharing something that you buy will definitely not be very strange. Ask the visitor to proudly present his new acquisition, and this way you might attract more potential clients.


3. Are you satisfied with our services? Recommend them to your friends

Social media is all about sharing, and there is no better opinion than that of a friend. On this note, you should urge a happy customer to share his experience, so that other people will be able to benefit from them. You can even ask them to leave a short review of the product, for even more credibility.


examples of call to action

4. You might also be interested in this

This phrase can be used everywhere, on blogs, eCommerce sites, business sites and even forums. Recommendations that are clearly related to something that the user is already interested in/has already purchased, will definitely attract him.


5. How do you…?; What are your opinions on…?

Questions are some of the best call to actions, because they will encourage the reader to become proactively involved. Furthermore, it will make a visitor feel like his expertise is needed, desired, and this will increase the likelihood that he will trust your brand, and also recommend you to others.


6. If you like the product, make it a present!

Surprisingly enough, we are more willing to buy for others, than we would be to buy for ourselves. As a marketer you should take advantage of this “weakness”, and encourage the customer to make a purchase for somebody else.


7. Thank you for testing, please share it with your friends

If you want people to actually share your products, you have to advertise high-quality stuff. If you do this, people will come to you without you having to make an effort. Make sure you ask them to share with their friends, especially if you expect them to enjoy what you have to offer.


These are only seven genetic examples of call-to-action triggers that you might use. Nevertheless, it takes extensive knowledge of your own business, and target audience to know which of them will work. In the end, internet marketing is all about experimenting, failing, and succeeding in the end.