Optimizing Your On-The-Go Movie Watching


Whether you are sitting in an airport or are sitting waiting for another class to start, watching movies on your mobile devices and laptops has become easier than ever with improved apps and downloads. While you might not be able to expect your mobile movie watching to really be theater quality, there are a number of ways in which more and more movie lovers have optimized their on-the-go experiences.


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Using the Right Device

Part of watching a movie on-the-go is having a device that allows you to do so and can provide you with the quality you need. Depending on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, you will have better viewing, less lag time and better sound quality. The unfortunate fact is that mobile devices intended for movie watching usually include specifications that are ideal for this type of entertainment. While more of the newer devices are able to play movies and stream successfully, some of the older devices might not have the capabilities you want to get the most from your favorite movie.


Other Ways to Improve Your Movie

Take a look at some of the ways that you can improve the way that you watch your movies on the go, no matter what device you choose.


    • Find a quality mobile video site that doesn’t lag on your smartphone. Check out the top five video sites according to RealPlayer.


    • Utilize the free digital downloads, that often come with the purchase of a Blu-ray movie, to take your favorite movies with you on the go. Tip: It’s a smart idea to start buying Blu-rays with digital downloads anyway, as Blu-rays are a type of technology that may not be around forever.


    • Download an audio enhancement software, such as SRS labs, onto your laptop for improved sound quality in movie watching and music listening. These types of software programs are also great for listening to music, playing games and listening to audiobooks.


    • Use noise cancelling headphones to help make the most of your movie, regardless of where you are.


    • Make sure that your smartphone offers HD picture quality so that your favorite movies and shows can be seen as crystal clear as possible.


    • Sign up for streaming movie and television show websites, like Hulu, if you are looking to watch your missed favorite shows.


    • Install a new sound card in your laptop, one that is intended for improved sound quality for movie watchers. While this is a somewhat costly and time-consuming undertaking, it is one of the best ways to ensure a better movie watching experience.


  • Identify the movie watching apps that are compatible with your tablet or smartphone so that you have quicker and easier access to them.

As you can see, just a few simple changes to the way that you watch movies on-the-go can make your mobile entertainment time that much more enjoyable. The only pitfall: your downtime might go by much faster when you improve the quality of your movie watching experience.