New iPad Mini: Apple’s Competitive move over Nexus 7 & Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets


The long waited iPad mini has been launched. The release of iPad mini is Apple’s competitive move rather its pledge to bring in entirely creative product. This is due to the fact that Google and Amazon Inc have given fierce competition to Apple in shape of Nexus 7 and Amazon kindles fire tablets. Some of the technology experts even predicted that if Apple Inc fails to produce the competitive product so it might lose its market share very soon.


However now the case is very different, Apple Inc. has rise to the occasion by releasing IPad mini. The company claims that its product is superior to the products of its competitors. Let’s check out the core features of this mini device.


Light & Slim

Everyone including the rivals & critics of IPad series accepts that these devices have added great value in to our lives. However the biggest concern about the earlier generation of IPad was its 9.7 inch size, which made it very hard to carry & manage. In this situation Apple’s fans were looking for something easy to handle device.
In comparison to previous generation of iPad, iPad min is easy to handle. It is 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the earlier generation iPads. Its 7.2mm breath makes thin like a pencil. Likewise 7.9 inches display & 0.68 IB weight makes it easy to carry & manage. Now you can easily carry this device inside your coat pocket or in your handbag.


Camera & Video Calling

IPad mini provides great user experience for the photo addicts. The hybrid infrared filter & f/2.4 aperture enabled advanced insight camera will enable you to take high quality images that were never possible without an expensive camera. With iPad mini you can also edit photos, make a slide show with the sound effects and view the photos by their location.


Apple iPad Mini


With the high quality photos, iPad mini also assists you to connect with your love ones through face time. IPad min in conjunction with your apple Id enables you to make free video calls using both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Moreover with the iPad dual camera features it has become easier to make video calls with the larger video spectrum.


Process power & Battery

Apple Inc has enriched this mini device with the maxi processing speed using the leading A5 chip. You can enjoy the processing speed of A5 chip devices on much affordable price. This will enable you to play games, edit photos and watch movies.


Like the processing power, battery power is also very important. IPad mini has improved battery life. Now you enjoy the experience of iPad mini up to 10 hours on a single charge. Isn’t this amazing?


Print & Display

IPad mini can surely replace the traditional PC for printing documents. All you need is the new iPad mini and any Airprint enabled printer. With Wi-Fi airprint feature you can save yourself from the hassle of connecting printing cables and spending extra money on purchasing printing software & driver.


Display feature of iPad mini is wonderful. It offers 1024×768 resolutions on the 7. 9 inch device. This ensures sharp & smart display. Moreover with iPad mini you have easiness to read and view the required document or image as they open the full screen.


Wi-Fi & Cellular Connectivity

New iPad mini has enhanced the Wi-Fi speed with dual band, total of 802.11n. This means that you can enjoy downloading & watching online stuff at the much faster speed.


If you are around any cold-spot place (Opposite of Hotspot), so you don’t need to worry as you can connect to internet through cellular network. This feature also provides fast browsing speed through the AWS of HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE7.