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For the success of your business or services, in current time, you have to be aware of the online presence of your business. For securing maximum profit and success, it would be crucial ignoring the actual facts. Your website needs to get a lot of attention at its performance level. Server monitoring is the task to check the performance level of your website and ensures the minimum downtime to your website.


Monitor Scout Server Monitoring


Monitor Scout is a leading website- and server monitoring company with users from all over the world. They offer a reliable web-based monitoring system that monitors your website, server or application 24/7/365 and notifies you when problems arise. Solve software and hardware issues before your users or customers notice and increase customer satisfaction.


Why Opt for Monitor Scout?

• Get going within minutes without software installations.
• Absolute top class external website & server monitoring.
• Superior internal server monitoring with threshold notifications for CPU, RAM, HDD, NIC and processes.
• Reliable global monitoring network, with over 15 locations worldwide.
• Instant down/up/threshold notifications via Email and/or SMS.
• Multiple monitor checks per device.
• Monitoring check with one-minute intervals.
• Supports a vast number of applications and protocols.
• Dedicated and high knowledge technical support.


Monitoring Processes

Ping Monitor

Ping is a query to determine whether a device is in connection with the ping request computer. The monitor check sends out a ping request to your device, and if it doesn’t respond you will be alerted.


HTTP Monitor

HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol and is used to transfer hypertext requests and information between servers and browsers. HTTP Monitor will help you monitor your website to see that it is responding. It will also perform text string checks on your website. Under advanced settings you can fill out valid status codes and specify if the site is using SSL.


FTP Monitor

FTP service helps transfer data from a system to another and usually works on port number 21 and 22. The FTP Monitor ensures the FTP service is working.


TCP Port Monitor

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol and is developed to transfer data from one network device to another; TCP uses a retransmission strategy to ensure that no data will be lost. If your monitored TCP port is not responding, you will immediately be notified.


UDP Port Monitor

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a communications protocol that offers service when messages are exchanged between computers in a protocol network. The monitor confirms a certain UDP port is answering correctly and sends notification if a problem occurs.


IMAP Monitor

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is used for retrieving emails stored on a mail server. Monitoring this will ensure your mail server is up and running.


POP3 Server Monitor

POP3 (Post Office Protocol version3) is a protocol for receiving e-mail, which will be downloaded to your computer from the server of an Internet service provider (ISP). The monitor will check for the user’s name (email address) and domain name to deliver mails.


Mail SMTP server Monitor

Mail SMTP (Simple mail transfer protocol) is a data transmission format used to send and receive email. The service usually runs on port number 25 by an SMTP agent. Under advanced settings you can fill out your SMTP settings and specify whether SMTP should use SSL or TLS.


Mail Delivery Monitor

Mail Delivery is a combination of the SMTP and POP3 services. The monitor will verify that an email can be delivered and transferred from the POP3 server. You fill out your SMTP settings under advanced settings. Some others are –


RDP Server Monitor
SSH Server Monitor
DNS Server Monitor
DNS Record Monitor
VNC server Monitor
IRC Server Monitor


Main Features

• Supports Windows and Linux platform.
• Control your hardware’s resources and processes with Server Health (SNMP).
• Global monitoring network.
• In-depth uptime and analysis tools.
• Over 50 checks that help you to ensure maximum uptime.
• Monitoring of your websites and servers from 15 locations throughout the world.


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