MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review :Built For an Impressive All-around Performance!


Are you looking for the best solution to your server hosting issues? Simply opt for the VPS hosting services of MilesWeb and forget about the days of unstable hosting services. With a hell lot of features and some mind-blowing packages, you will be spoilt for choice when you are about to sign up with MilesWeb. In addition to the web hosting, the company has attracted the attention with its VPS hosting services too. So, what is it and how it works? Let’s find out here:

What is VPS hosting?

Hosting services are offered either on a dedicated server or on a shared hosting server. VPS is basically a system that comes in between these two solutions. The actual hardware server that will be assigned to you will be virtually partitioned into several isolated virtual servers. That means, it is almost like a combined service of sharing serves and dedicated servers. One dedicated hosting server would cost a lot and you may not be comfortable sharing a server with others. So, the best solution is VPS hosting services where you will get your own dedicated server at a very pocket-friendly rate. One of the reasons why VPS hosting of MilesWeb has become so popular is because of the robust service. The pages of your website will load faster than ever and the price you pay for such an amazing service is well within the budget.


Amazing features of VPS hosting

MilesWeb has always offered more to its customers at a very reasonable price. Same has been the case with VPS hosting services. It comes with wide range features that will satisfy anyone and everyone. Here are some of those features given below:

  • Instant setup – At Milesweb, all you have to do is choose your package and make the payment. The setup will be done instantly after that. There are virtual server packages that are deployed as soon as the payment and verification is done.
  • Unmatched server performance – Each and every virtualized server is powered by dual hexa core processors. So, there is no chance for the servers to become unresponsive at any time.
  • Dedicated Resources – The Linux virtual private server hosting provides dedicated resources at a very affordable price and this has been made possible by MilesWeb.
  • Complete control – You will be in total control of the server because of the full root SSH access. You can control your VPS, write and manage your own code and also utilize the API too.
  • Host multiple websites – With VPS hosting of MilesWeb, you will be able to host more than one website simultaneously. This will help you save a lot of money and time.
  • Easy usability – Managing the VPS control panel interface is very easy. You can check the memory usage from time to time and also monitor the real time usage with the help of graphs and live data feeds.
  • Faster page loads – The powerful management tools together with low latency network and high quality server hardware, makes the pages of a website load faster. Moreover, you will have 24×7 technical support for any kind of glitches that may occur.
  • Flexible and scalable – Scaling memory allocation in real time is possible with the VPS hosting service of MilesWeb. The scalable RAM features provides this function and you can scale the memory without having to reboot the system.
  • Customizable VPS environment – Unlike traditional web hosting service, the VPS hosting service will allow you to have your own PHP.ini files and also run any kind of web applications according to your choice.

VPS hosting packages

MilesWeb has numerous lucrative and affordable packages for VPS hosting services so that you can choose according to the features you need. Following are the plans that are available for you:

  1. Techie VPS – Comes at just $16 per month, you will get 1 GB fixed RAM, 1 Core CPU, 1 dedicated IP, 50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and 100 MBPS port.
  2. Executive VPS – Priced at $24 per month, there will be 2 Core CPUs, 2 GB fixed RAM, 100 MBPS port, 100 GB space, 1 dedicated IP and 1 TB bandwidth.
  3. Competent VPS – This will cost $40 per month and will come with 2 TB bandwidth, 200 GB space, 2 Core CPU and everything else is same as the Executive package.
  4. Sharp VPS – It is priced at $64 per month. The dedicated IP and 100 MBPS port is same for all packages. This plan provides 4 GB fixed RAM, 3 Core CPU, 3 TB bandwidth and 300 GB space.
  5. Expert VPS – It costs just $80 per month and has 5 GB fixed RAM along with 4 Core CPU, 4 TB bandwidth and 400 GB space.

Reason to choose MilesWeb

If you are in a dilemma to choose between MilesWeb and some other company for VPS hosting services, then it would be wise to opt for the former. Given below are some of the reasons that make MilesWeb different from the others:

  1. Real time server monitoring – Your website will be up all times and you will be able to monitor its performance proactively. This prevents any chances of technical glitches.
  2. Flexible billing options – You can pay for your package monthly or quarterly or semi-annually or annually. There are no hidden charges for any kind of payment options.
  3. Affordable virtual private servers – The virtual servers provided by MilesWeb go easy on the pocket. There are 5 different packages you can choose from.
  4. Admin access – As soon as your VPS is setup, you will be able to run or install any web application you want on the server. The control will be in your hands.

VPS hosting service has taken web hosting services by a storm. The benefits that this service provides are above par and beat any other hosting service. So, if you are planning to opt for VPS hosting, make sure you choose MilesWeb. Because, you deserve the best!