Marketing Management Solutions For All Your Business Needs By Crosscap


Although marketing can have many approaches and there are many orientations in marketing, what is clear is that marketing is about satisfying needs, and even many times creating them to satisfy them. We at Crosscap fully know that Marketing consists of a set of activities that seek to satisfy the needs and desires of the markets but also of the customers.

There are a lot of dеfіnіtіоnѕ оf mаrkеtіng, but mаnу оf them take thіѕ aspect into ассоunt. For instance, the well known Philip Kotler states thаt mаrkеtіng іѕ a ѕосіаl and administrative рrосеѕѕ through which groups as well as folks get hold of what they need and want thrоugh generating, еxсhаngіng and offering products of value to their peers. And that is made possible exclusively today by some programmes such as the marketing calendar software out there.

Needs might be connected to basic satisfaction, although they may also have to do with more specific satisfaction. Not all requirements have to be the elementals for subsistence. But Crosscap has what is take help nearly all organization across the globe, the Crosscap Marketing Management Solutions for all your business needs includes:

  • Marketing Calendar Software
  • Retail Signage Software
  • Promotion Management Software
  • End-To-End Marketing Platform and more

Marketing Calendar Software With Word Recognition

We are the industry leader in marketing calendar software and also here is the reason plenty of the greatest brands have confidence in our platform with their omnichannel marketing strategy.

  • Take care of all your team’s calendars within a marketing calendar software program
  • Team up and even share your marketing plan systematically
  • Attach briefs as well as marketing assets
  • Perfectly customized to your business requirements
  • Controlled access to completely different access levels for managing & viewing
  • Time-frame campaigns, content material, events, etc
  • Develop your marketing calendar with uncomplicated drag and drop
  • Color by owner, focus, section, channel, or perhaps size
  • Turn from short to permanent views effortlessly
  • Share your marketing calendar as well as roadmap online

Retail Signage Software

In-depth in-store marketing suite which has saved businesses Millions on their visual marketing and advertising budgets

  • Centralizes your own store profile details
  • Enhances accuracy in estimating output quantities & expenses
  • Simplifies allocation as well as fulfillment of the kits

Blends store reorders and even tracking v. Forces savings with precision and fully optimized fulfillment. A lot more businesses are employing retail signage software to improve, inform, upsell as well as improve their organization efficiency. We have the expertise and also knowledge to help you create and then build a customised digital signage solution which will take care of your business needs.

Promotion Management Software program

The best promotion management solution would certainly meet the needs of the following section of obligations:


  • Advertising and marketing Item Selection
  • Pricing
  • Vendor Special deals
  • Analysis
  • Financial Deals


  • Advertising Plans
  • Budgeting
  • Promotions
  • Digital/Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing Calendar


  • Creative
  • Advertisement Production
  • Advertisement Coordination

The Significance of Combining Promotion Management Into the Organizing Process

What exactly can retailers undertake to enhance their promotion management results? Marketing promotions must be demand-driven along with a critical section of a retailer’s go-to-market technique. Given that advanced planning techniques for parts of the business akin to inventory as well as array planning are more popular, it is essential that promotion management is an inclusive piece of the end-to-end retail planning procedure.

End-To-End Marketing Platform

There exists a barrage of marketing and advertising messages stuffed with claims of end-to-end tools created to help make your company successful. In a difficult content ecosystem, every person claims to be “end-to-end,” then again what does this honestly mean to you as well as your business?

Right here, you will get to work with a sole vendor to take your very own content from linear broadcast to certain sites and even online streaming or perhaps replay. With the addition of single asset, the vendor could transcode, encode, and then package the asset, and also deliver it to numerous platforms. This single source strategy simplifies workflows and even cuts down failure possibility by keeping the asset in an in-built solution from acquisition to syndication.

The Marketing strategy

The origin of marketing was none other than to help companies to focus their products on the needs of their audiences. As you can imagine, the techniques that were used in the past were much less developed compared to the ones we use nowadays.

To provide you with an idea, some of the techniques they used was to advertise their products by painting them on walls or screaming at the top of their lungs through the streets. With the invention of printing, back in the fifteenth century, all this begins to change.

However, not everything was a path of roses. Some companies tended to exaggerate too much the qualities of their products leading to misleading advertising. But, the appearance of new technology would generate another revolution.The arrival of the internet would make all these tactics of traditional marketing useless since the consumer has in the network all the possible information about the products or services of the company.

The evolution of marketing is triggered in this era. So much that it is the moment that divides the history of marketing into 2 stages: the traditional and the modern.While traditional marketing focused on the masses, modern marketing akin to the Crosscap Marketing Management Solutions goes to the other extreme: micro market segmentation. Each message is only addressed to small groups of the population.

In today’s competitive markets, successful businesses are characterized by marketing appropriately to their market characteristics. You want to constantly bear in mind that the possibilities of getting more sales depend on a lot of marketing strategies and techniques. Success in business also means that you are known to your potential clientele.


Successful businesses are those that have achieved some competitive advantage that they have been able to reach their customers through their marketing strategies such as the Crosscap type: a better and greater presence in distribution points or a better-known brand that transmits prestige.