Marketing In Malaysia – A Guide To Networking Using Coworking Space In KL


The coworking space holds many functions for businesses looking for a nurturing environment to grow their venture. One of its central functions relates to promoting networking within the space. For those working in Malaysia, networking is the end-all in establishing the types of relationships that build business connections.

The great thing about the coworking space is that because it focuses on community your business benefits from an environment where this is already established. With a community already established, your networking potential all depends on your effort. In many cases, the climate for networking is already set up and all you need do is find connections.

Continue reading to discover more information about networking in your Kuala Lumpur coworking space.

Use Your Workspace

 Your workspace is the first point of contact for making connections in your coworking space in KL. The dedicated space, or more significantly, the hot desk is a place where much conversation takes place. At your workspace, engage other professionals in the work area with talk about your work and theirs.

These informal conversations are the beginnings of the relationships that make it easier to make connections in more formal networking situations. Furthermore, you can get a lot of information from your coworking mates regarding getting referrals, and in even finding mentors to help you navigate Kuala Lumpur’s business landscape.

Participate In Your Community

 Another way to benefit from your coworking community is to find ways to help out the coworking space. One way to help the coworking space is to volunteer to assist hosts with any of the networking events or activities held in the space. You can also spearhead projects like supervise online newsletters or even host some of your own events that promote your own product.

These activities that actively engage the community will ultimately give you the chance to engage in projects that join you with others in the space. Collaboration, for example, is a major function of the coworking that joins businesses together in an effort to create innovative products and services. More than anything, this is the chance to raise your profile in the Kuala Lumpur coworking community.

Engage In Traditional Public Relations

 Another way to use your Kuala Lumpur coworking space is to engage in public relational activities to get to know your coworking mates and the public-at-large. Host a small breakfast or lunch gathering and take this as the opportunity for the group to get to know each other. Also, find ways to promote your business in a subtle way.

For example, handing out knick-knacks (i.e. keychains) that display your company’s logo is one way to subtly introduce yourself to the community. Another way to engage in public relations is to invite keynote speakers to the space to discuss current events regarding your industry. Relating to the public is one of the best ways to network within the coworking community.

Establish An Online Presence

 Co-working professionals can also take advantage of the online community. The online community is a vast resource, and it is very possible to establish an online coworking community. Whether focusing solely on using social media sites or developing a site online to engage the community, virtual space is rife with opportunities to connect with professionals in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia, and from around the world. For your business, you have established just one more way to connect with a large group of people to raise your business’s visibility.

Networking In The Kuala Lumpur Community

 Your coworking community in Kuala Lumpur is a great resource for information and referrals, but it also can be the foundation from which a lot of networking takes place. These networking opportunities will be the starting point for a lot of other activities, namely collaboration. Through collaboration, not only do you build your own community but you can raise your profile.