Magento 2 multi source inventory 


Why is Magento multi warehouse becoming popular?


The ecommerce has been achieving amazing success over the past few years. They have managed to increase their scale of operations to cater to the customer requirements. They have diversified their business products and services to gain maximum customer attention. While they are at it, they are able to expand their inventory levels to a new height.

Why is inventory management difficult?

Inventory is one of the most valuable asset for any given business. The management of inventory can be a very difficult job, specially if you are operating at a large scale. There are storage cost, multiple warehouses to keep a check on that just adds up to the extra pressure on the business. Besides this, the business must also make sure to achieve rapid inventory turnover, as it has the probability of going obsolete.

Magento Multi Warehouse

Magento 2 multi source inventory is a new extension for the Magento users to help them handle their inventory levels with ease. It helps the users in splitting up the inventory levels amongst multiple warehouses in and efficient manner. In case of multiple stocks, the extension will assist the user in managing the stock right from the product grid. This helps in minimizing the overall delivery cost for the management. You can also check out all the shipments that have been released from different warehouses by the click of a button.

Managing inventory levels made easier

The best part about this inventory management extension is that the user can create as many warehouses as they require. One just needs to enter in the location of all their warehouses and they can easily track down all the inventory levels offline. Not only does it increase efficiency, but it also helps the management in taking care of all the defective inventory. Even if you have the older version of Magento 2, this extension will be compatible with that too.

Keep track of the stock movements

When managing stock, it is important to see where the inventory is being transferred on a day to day basis. While the other extensions involve a lot of complexity, the inventory management extension works with 2 simple commands, i.e. send inventory and request inventory. As soon as a stock is dispatched, it will immediately decrease the quantity in the records.

Similarly, on the arrival of stocks, the inventory levels will increase. The best part about this is that the inventory can also be transferred around within the warehouses. Hence, if you are taking an order, you will know the exact amount of stock available in the warehouse. It will become easier to track the stock too.

Low stock notifications

The most common problem that the management faces while managing the stocks is when to reorder the stock. With this efficient inventory control extension, the management can get an instant notification if the stock level falls below the required level. It is up to the management to apply this command on all the warehouses individually or as a whole. It also has the function of sending in a direct email to the supplier if the stock in the warehouse is not under the required range. This helps in keeping the threshold intact.