Know about the IQ-option-support


IQ Options has its IQ-option support feature on round the clock function mode mostly because of the trading platform’s very vibrant nature. All traders new and experienced can use this feature to chat with other traders and to contact the customer support team.

The feature is embedded on the right-hand side of your practice/ real account. It comes with several rules, and not anyone is allowed to use it haphazardly. For example, you must be a certified account holder for you to chat with the rest of the members on the platform.

How to use IQ-option-support Feature

It’s quite easy for a member to log in and use the function as the need arises. Once on-site, all you need to do is to click on the chats/support feature and start the navigation.

There are several options depending on the specific action you want to perform. For example, if you want to contact support, then there is a link you can click on, sending you to more other choices in terms of the action you want to perform. You can choose to email, call, or live chat, it’s all up to you.

How to Select and Use Chats

The page comprises of various sections assigned to each of the assets. So, you can select the appropriate button whenever you want to chat with other traders in your asset area.

One of the most popular threads is the general chat link, usually in English, which has members addressing just about anything related to trading. The forum allows you and others to contribute and share valuable trading tips.

Each of the financial assets on the platform has its category. For example, you can zoom into the forex chats or cryptocurrency or stock; whichever is most relevant to you and start chatting with your peers.

You can also notice that some of the chat threads are not as busy and vibrant. Still, you can check in those active chats, and gain immense insight.

How to Use the Support Link

This selection can lead you to various options depending on how urgent the issue at hand is. Some of the choices you can use include:

-Email Support: It allows you to contact the customer support team via email, and they come back to you almost immediately.

Live chat: This icon is found on the platform, and it also works round the clock. You have so many options to choose form. For example, you can select the language section, and then head off to the areas you want to conduct your chat. It could be a live chat with support, or other traders in the asset area you are interested in.

-IQoption online phone call: It’s another incredible option which is active 24/7 and quite useful if email and live chat is not your thing. The advantage is that you always get someone welcoming and knowledgeable the end of the line.

The multilingual feature supports conducting trades in your native language. There are about 13 major worked languages which most of the global traders can use for easy communication.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Iq-Option-Support?

The feature is coming with so many benefits, especially if you are starting. For example;

-The feature works incredibly well with a fast-loading interface

-You access a wide range of support system

-You can easily land a mentor from the chat threads to help you trade successfully

-You can benefit from the numerous tips and success stories from other traders

-You can also identify the top performers and learn a thing or two from them


Most traders find the  IQ-option-support feature quite useful. They can use the sub-features to meet so many of their trading needs on the platform. You get timely support from the customer’s support team, but you can also access plenty of enriching information from your peers.

It’s always good to take certain precautions, though. This includes observing all rules that come with the usage of the feature. For one, you are not allowed to take any information out of the platform.

Everything should remain as is. Your account stands the risk of being banned if you break any of the rules. You also need to be careful about what you implement as the platform is not responsible for any loss that you might incur as a result of chat threads. The best way is for you to test any tips and strategies before implementing them.