Is this a Job where AI can Replace the Human Element?

artificial intelligence

Have you ever noticed that every few years, there is a new IT concept that surfaces and tries to reshape the way we see technology? That’s how we’ve got IoT (the Internet of Things), Big Data, Augmented Reality, Business Intelligence, and so on.

They’re all impressive ideas and promise a great deal of change for the future. Moreover, most of these technologies are now integrated into fields like medicine, education, production & manufacturing, business management, and more.

However, at the time they were launched, the media and naysayers of the business and scientific worlds tried to paint them in unflattering colors. As we can now see, the new technologies were used for improvement without disrupting the way we live our daily lives.

This brings us to today’s new buzzwords of the tech world: AI and Machine Learning (ML in short) and the fear of automation. At the surface, AI threatens to replace a great deal of human-held jobs, which is why it faces more significant resistance than new tech.

Furthermore, recent AI developments don’t just threaten taking over jobs that imply a certain degree of routine. Creative jobs, such as content creation, are at risk as well!

Can AI Replace Human Writers?

As it turns out, there is some truth behind the overinflated hype.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content creation robots are already a thing, and they’re only getting smarter. Of course, this shouldn’t come as such a surprise, especially if you’re up to date with the trends in the IT world.

Specialists have been working on creating intelligent chatbots that can replicate human speech without supervision for a while now. We also have smart voice assistants that listen to and learn our habits, speech pattern, and way of thinking to deliver a customized experience.

However, when it comes to content creation, machines are not there (just) yet. While it’s true that reliable data should be at the base of a well-designed marketing strategy, great content & ideas need a bit more. We still need that spark of genius that can’t be replicated by a machine to appeal to other humans.

As such, you should not give up on developing your creativity by learning new marketing skills or improving your knowledge of SEO, and here are three reasons why:

  1. AI can’t replicate the human touch – we may be more inclined to use data nowadays, but we still strive on emotions. And this is something that no algorithm can replicate (now or in the near future). Storytelling is our way of creating change and pushing development, and this will never go away!
  2. For now, the existent tech is expensive – as it turns out, the content generated by AI costs a lot more than the one created by human writers.
  3. Humans don’t relate to AI writers – Can you name one AI influencer? You can’t because they don’t exist. While data and fact loaded content works for academic circles, when you’re writing for the regular folks, you need to be relatable.

Are We Off the Hook?

For now, it may look like human creativity is one of the skills that will keep our jobs safe. But there are other skills that we can cultivate and grow to make sure our world doesn’t transform into a dystopian robot apocalypse story.

One thing’s for sure: the world is changing, and the only way to survive is to be flexible and open to new challenges. This means being up to date with new technologies and learning new skills that can be useful in the near future.