If You Build It, They Will Come? Not True When It Comes To Business!


Business is doing well- you have a fantastic business idea for products or services that you know people want. You’ve done your market research, have hired all the right people to work for you and have even found the perfect office premises. If you’re turning a profit too it’s a very positive start. However, that’s all it is at this point- just a start. It’s not the time to start getting complacent, and to really make your business a success you need to promote yourself by focusing on marketing. There are a whole lot of different strategies businesses are able to go with depending on your budget and the type of company they own. Here are just a few avenues you could explore when it comes to marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important marketing strategy when it comes to business and is not an element to be overlooked. It can help businesses connect with customers, build up loyalty and trust and helps to show that they are a legitimate business. Getting people to shop with new companies is tricky, but if they can see the business has active social accounts, it can give them the nudge they need. Best of all it has higher conversion rates than most other kinds of marketing. You could always attend a digital marketing course like the ones listed on https://theprauthority.com/digital-marketing-courses/ to find out more about how this works and what you could be doing to boost business with social media. When you are building your site, choose a company offering responsive web design services with clear links to all of your social media accounts. Setting up social accounts is completely free, and it’s an easy way to advertise and promote to a huge range of potential customers

Leaflet Distribution

Paper methods such as posting leaflets and business cards aren’t the most effective in today’s age of instant communication. However this doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. In fact, for some types of businesses paper advertising can be a great way to promote yourself. The trick is to leave leaflets where they will be seen by the right audience. For example, if you’re a launderette or budget cafe, leave your leaflets in places like student halls as these are the people who are likely to use your services. Posting in wealthy middle class areas for these kinds of businesses is likely to be fruitless. If you’re quite a niche business with a specific target audience, it makes no sense sending out thousands of flyers to people as the majority are likely to be uninterested. Have a think and work out if this would be suitable for you.


Go To a Business Expo

If you’re looking to get your business message across, attending an event such as a business expo could be a great opportunity. You get the chance to show off your products in person, or explain your services to potential clients and convince them why your business would work for them. Avoid dull presentations, things like live demonstrations, games and competitions will draw an audience . While you will be relying on clients walking past and foot traffic to get new leads, you could also be proactive and book in appointments if you know of any companies or clients in particular that you want to work with who are attending. Once the event is over and you have your leads, make sure you follow up on them. As well as hand out business cards, take down email addresses and contact information of interested parties, you can then send polite follow up information if needed.