How And Why You Should Include Video In Your Other Content Marketing Strategies.

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So many people are weary of video marketing but it really is a great tool and an exciting skill to learn, if you have the patience.

Is video marketing for everyone?

Well, it could be.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why Video Marketing?

Videos have been rapidly increasing in popularity and they’re yet to be outbid by any other type of content and here’s why:

First off, video does incredible things for your SEO ranking. In fact, a website with video is more than 53 times likely to end up on the first page of a Google search.

Fancy much?

Other than that, it gives much greater attention to your content.

If your video is less than two minutes long, upwards of 65% will watch more than half of it, that’s far greater than the 55% of first-time readers who will only give your blog post 15 seconds worth of their time.  

Video used on sales pages, skyrocket sales by 85%

Let me say that again; Eighty-five percent!

And if that weren’t enough incredible statistics for you, video has one of the highest share rates on social media, it ten folds your email effectiveness and it automatically gives your audience a connection to you and your brand that no other type of media can give them.

Are you convinced yet? Good. Then let’s move on.

How to make the right type of videos.

We’ve established that video is awesome.

But is that it? Do you take a video of you whenever you have a spare second, looking like a hot mess where you stumble all over yourself and have more chaos in the background than the apocalypse?

Unfortunately not.

You see, quality is the key to making video work for your marketing campaigns.

The quality of the video, of its contents (which you’re a part of by the way) and the title is what, arguably, makes it the best marketing tool out there.  

So here are a few tips to get you on your way to making spectacular videos:

The basics

There are a few things that are just non-negotiable when it comes to making videos.

First, you need a high megapixel camera (this can be your phone if it has a great camera) with a tripod.

Second, you’ll need to find some great natural light (Or studio light if you have that) if you’re shooting indoors.

The room also has to be a neat, simple and non-distracting so that it can be a neutral backdrop and focus more attention on you and what you’re saying.

And lastly, you’ll have to look well-groomed whilst not wearing makeup or clothing that’s too bold (although you can go a little darker on makeup for a video) or too distracting.

Focus On Content.

Just because it’s a video, doesn’t mean that you can neglect the quality of your content. In fact, it probably matters more than ever.

Print out some focus points and post them out of sight of the camera, rehearse a ton and make sure that you present your content in an energetic, engaging way.

No one wants to listen to a monotonous voice of someone who looks like they’d rather be napping, how you present your content matters, period.

Nor does anyone want to feel more confused about the subject they came to watch your video about, so make sure you stay on point (that you have a point in the first place) and deliver a clear message on the topic of your content.

Editing Your Videos

A 30 second advert generates hours of footage that’s a chore to sift through. On top of that, your video needs to be ordered and cut, and filters and text may need to be added. These vital alterations create the seamless and captivating content you’re after. If your current PC’s pre-installed software doesn’t make the cut, it may be time to upgrade. You can compare video editing software at TEC – their comprehensive page is packed with useful information; including costs, features lists and user reviews.

Where To Use Them.

We’ve covered a lot of basic tips for video, but whatever you do – do not let your videos go unused!

Even if you’re a beginner and you think your videos suck, here are a few ideas on how you can use your video:


Shall we start with the obvious?

Any type of YouTube video has a good chance to end up with higher SEO ratings, especially when you know how to optimize them properly.

Above and beyond a Google search, Youtube is the second ranked search engine worldwide.

I would definitely call that a decent marketing tool.


Facebook is one of the most share-friendly social media networks, if you post valuable content like tips, tricks, tutorials or transformations – you’re bound to get some great engagement on your Facebook page.

Your Website/Blog

Many websites and blogging platforms have some form of video sharing you can add to your site.

Welcome, and About Me videos are a great addition to any blog but you can also use them:

  •    On Sales pages. (Highly recommended)
  •    In your membership sites.
  •    For tutorials.
  •    For short video summaries.
  •    Or video presentations.
  •    And also reviews.

There are a lot of options here, and since it’s your blog you can be more creative about how you use your videos.


People get a kick out of receiving videos in their inbox.

It makes them feel exclusive, which is probably why the open rates go through the roof when you add video to the mix.

There are also a few awesome ways you can use video to help drive engagement or sales:

  •    Send a personalized video series to a segmented list to increase interest in your products.
  •    Send video reviews (they don’t have to be your reviews) or tutorials on products in the person’s abandoned cart.
  •    Send a video summary of neat facts concerning a specific (personalized) interest that the subscriber has.

There are tons of other places where you can share your videos, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr – to name a few.

Experiment with what works for your niche, topic, and audience and set up your own marketing strategy according to your findings.